Multicultural Assistance Centre (MOSAIC) marks 30 years of service

Last modified on 20 November 2023


Willoughby City Council marked a significant milestone as the Multicultural One Stop Assistance Centre, more commonly known as MOSAIC, celebrated 30 years of dedicated service to the community. The milestone was commemorated with a heartfelt celebration at The Concourse Chatswood on Wednesday, 15 November, attended by distinguished guests, community leaders, and the invaluable volunteers who have contributed to MOSAIC's success.

The event was attended by Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor, Willoughby MP Tim James, Consul Generals from Korea, Japan and India, the Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, and numerous volunteers who have been instrumental in the centre's achievements over the past three decades.

In her speech, Mayor Tanya Taylor expressed gratitude for the volunteers, acknowledging them as the backbone and spirit of MOSAIC. "Today’s celebration is a celebration of the volunteers and the community that contribute to the success of MOSAIC," Mayor Taylor stated.

As part of the celebrations, attendees were treated to a visual narrative that showcased the remarkable journey of MOSAIC since its inception in November 1993. The video offered a glimpse into the centre's foundational years, its growth, and the impactful role it has played in fostering diversity, inclusivity, and community support in Willoughby City.

The impact of MOSAIC is evident in the statistics, with 13,868 attendees participating in events and programs over the past year alone, highlighting its significance in the lives of the community.

Mayor Taylor underscored the precious nature of unity and cohesion within the community and recognised the valuable contribution our community makes to the city's vibrancy. "Our unity and cohesion are precious—and it must not be taken for granted," she stated.

The MOSAIC Volunteer of the Year award was presented to two volunteers in recognition of their outstanding service:

Yan Hong Ma: With 18 years of volunteering, she teaches two Tai Chi classes at MOSAIC and provides three additional sessions to local residents. Her efforts encourage participants to share their art forms at community events.

James Yao: A dedicated volunteer for 8 years, James volunteers his time and skills in photography and videography for MOSAIC events. He has also conducted tech lessons at MOSAIC and more recently has been teaching at the Seniors Tech Bar at the Dougherty Community Centre.

A commemorative e-book documenting the journey and the success of the centre was also launched and will is available for download on the Willoughby City Council website.

Mayor Taylor concluded the celebration by expressing gratitude on behalf of Willoughby City Council and the community to everyone who has been a part of MOSAIC's incredible journey over the past 30 years.

“Willoughby City Council extends its appreciation to the dedicated staff and volunteers at MOSAIC for their unwavering commitment and significant contributions to the community. Council acknowledges the vital role played by the centre's staff and volunteers in facilitating and coordinating diverse programs that enhance community engagement and cultural exchange,” Cr Taylor said.


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