Willoughby primed to deliver on state housing targets

Last modified on 31 May 2024


Willoughby City Council is well-placed to deliver on the New South Wales Government’s new housing target of 3,400 dwellings across the Willoughby local government area by 2029, according to its Mayor, Tanya Taylor.

With existing capacity for an additional 6,500 dwellings thanks to Council-initiated rezoning changes in 2023, and development applications that would deliver 1,500 dwellings currently being assessed, Council is well-positioned to deliver the newly-announced state target.

Willoughby City Council Mayor Tanya Taylor said:

“The latest state housing target will support the delivery of much-needed new homes and provide clarity and certainty, which is welcomed by Council. We have engaged in long-term strategic planning to lay the groundwork for delivering this target, and are determined to ensure new dwellings are well-located with access to transport and recreation facilities, and designed to meet the needs of residents, while taking into account heritage and our natural environment.

“Investment from the NSW Government will also be needed to support and fund the infrastructure that will accompany these new dwellings, including schools, open space and community facilities. As progress towards the target is made, it will be vital that the state government continues to engage with local councils to ensure any proposed density changes are appropriate to each local area.”


Notes to editors

  1. In June 2023 Council made amendments to its Local Environment Plan which rezoned capacity for additional 6,500 dwellings.



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