Received & Determined Development Applications

Last modified on 27 June 2022

11 June to 24 june 2022

Council received the following applications during the period mentioned above. These applications can be viewed online on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Received Development Applications


1 Anderson Street, CHATSWOOD   

Construction and use of an outdoor recreation facility, removal of 73 car parking spaces on existing Level 6 rooftop carpark, ancillary works, construction of stairs to Level 5 and extension of existing retail area on Level 6 and associated works.


309A High Street, CHATSWOOD     

Construction of a double garage with terrace on top, driveway, landscaping and associated works.


14 Mabel Street, WILLOUGHBY       

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling, construction of single carport, swimming pool, landscaping and associated works.


19 Muttama Road, ARTARMON       

Modify original proposal to include downsizing of swimming pool, changes to windows and skylights, extension of pergola, changes to carport and slab, reinstate some existing natural ground levels, and associated works.


3 Padulla Place, CASTLE COVE      

Modify existing consent to include changes to internal and external, external wall changes, skylights external material changes, relocation of windows, garage door changes, gate changes and associated works.


‘Roadway’ 372 Eastern Valley Way, CHATSWOOD            

Installation of an in site pit to accommodate an eight (8) lid Telstra manhole on land fronting 372 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood.


107 Archer Street, CHATSWOOD    

Operate home business and associated business identification signage supplying tutoring services from existing Heritage dwelling.


61 Macquarie Street, CHATSWOOD            

Construction of a new driveway and carport, rear deck extension and associated works.


345 Victoria Avenue, CHATSWOOD            

Tenancy B-056 – Modify existing proposal to enlarge existing loading bay, reconfiguration and enlargement of enclosed waste and recycling area and storage area, additional kiosk substation and associated works.


93 Greville Street, CHATSWOOD    

Demolition of existing dwelling, retain existing swimming and paving and construction of new two storey dwelling and associated works.


11 Rose Street, CHATSWOOD        

Modify original proposal to include re-building of existing roof, internal reconfiguration, garage level raised, sliding doors to bi-fold doors to outdoor seating area, addition of lift and associated works.

Pursuant to s.4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Regulations, Council notifies the granting of the following development consents and/or Complying Development Certificates which can be viewed on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Issued Development Consents


26 Crabbes Avenue and 247-255 Penshurst Street, NORTH WILLOUGHBY         

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a new registered club, seniors living containing self-contained dwellings, a residential aged care facility, new shop top housing, basement car parking and ancillary uses including a new publicly accessible park.


2 Broadcast Way, ARTARMON        

Modify original proposal to include installation of building façade lighting, additional lighting to through-site link, alterations to building envelope and façade materials from concrete panel to prefinished cladding and associated works.


17 Smith Street, CHATSWOOD       

Change of use of the approved ‘neighbourhood shops’ to ‘take away food and drink premises', detailed design modifications and change to signage.


77 Mowbray Place, WILLOUGHBY  

Modify original proposal to include modifying condition 1, reference to access gate and delete condition 4, splay corner of fence.


13 Upper Cliff Avenue, NORTHBRIDGE      

Modify existing consent by altering external appearance, fencing, internal layout, changes to windows and associated works.


Hampden Road, ARTARMON           

Addition of Artarmon Village- Amenities Block and associated works.


8 Hollywood Crescent, NORTH WILLOUGHBY       

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, demolition and replacement of existing rear pergola, new swimming pool, ramp, removal of tree and associated works.


14A Grafton Avenue, NAREMBURN

Alterations and first floor addition to existing semi-detached dwelling and associated works.


68 High Street, WILLOUGHBY         

Alterations and additions to existing garage roof and associated works.


14 Railway Street (aka 8-10 Brown Street) CHATSWOOD

Alterations and additions to existing beer garden including construction of timber decks, roof and pergola at Chelsea Hotel and associated works.


31 Euroka Street, NORTHBRIDGE  

Modify existing consent by amending landscape plans and associated works.


18A and 18B Kalgoorlie Street, WILLOUGHBY       

Convert existing patios and balconies to sunrooms and associated works.


15 Edith Street, CASTLECRAG        

Modify existing consent including internal layout reconfiguration, retaining window in Bedroom 1 and associated works.


11 Cramer Crescent, CHATSWOOD            

Modify original proposal to delete proposed lower ground kitchenette therefor deleting Secondary Dwelling classification, lower ground floor layout changes, deck extension, bi-fold doors, privacy screens and associated works.


2 Weetawaa Road, NORTHBRIDGE            

Modify existing consent by revising shape of swimming pool and outdoor deck, changes to windows, garage door and stormwater design.