More than $119,000 in Council grants

Last modified on 15 July 2021

Comminity Grants - Men's sheds.jpg

Willoughby City Council has awarded more than $119,000 to community groups and local performing arts groups as part of its 2021 Community Small Grants program.

The community grants are awarded for projects that will make a real difference in the lives of local residents. Additionally, funds are awarded to performing arts groups that will enhance opportunities for local creative arts groups.

The grants contribute to the community priorities and outcomes identified by Council's Community Strategic Plan, Our Future Willoughby 2028, and also focus on community recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlights of the 2021 Grant program

StreetWork Australia

$4,000 to deliver the Ready for School and Ready for Life program, an early-intervention program for at risk young people. The new program aims to reduce barriers for at-risk youth to engage in education and training.

Market Garden Park Community Garden

$4,000 to raise garden beds making the garden more accessible for people with mobility restrictions, including wheelchair users.

2NSB Broadcasting Co-operative

$2,500 to run an open day to celebrate Northside Radio’s 40th anniversary. The open day will feature guided tours of the radio station and live entertainment by local artists.

Willoughby Public School Band

$2,000 to provide jazz music development and performance opportunities to members of the Willoughby Public School Band. Year 5 or 6 students will learn from an experienced jazz musician/conductor. Based on their learnings, the School Band will provide outreach performances for community groups in the Willoughby City community.

Willoughby Community Men's Shed

$1,950 to provide First Aid and CPR training for 10 Shed Supervisors. Additional Supervisors need to be trained in responding to accidents and illnesses as there’s now over 60 Willoughby Men’s Shed members. The Men’s Shed has become a powerful tool for building community and addressing health and wellbeing in Willoughby.

Willoughby City Council Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney said, “I’m delighted that Willoughby City Council can support such a diverse group of programs and performances, which benefit our community, through our Community Grants program.”

More information about Council’s community grants program