Men's Shed

The Willoughby Community Men's Shed Inc. is a fully-equipped wood and metal workshop which provides a venue for men of all ages to work together on personal and group projects. The Shed has a wide range of fixed and portable machine tools as well as a vast range of modern and traditional hand tools.

Willoughby's Community Men's Shed Inc. has been established to provide a substitute space for 'shedless men'. Besides encouraging new social activities and friendships, the Men's Shed also provides access to other networks for men including local activities and men's health information.

Never used tools? No problem! Skilled members can show you how to use them.

Willoughby Men's Shed Website

If you want to see what goes on, just drop in for a look around and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with the members.

The Men's Shed Story

The shed holds an important place in Australian culture as a reservoir of memories and experiences and as place to share skills and socialise.

Good health is based on factors including self-esteem, feeling productive and valuable to society, having social relationships, and being active.

Many retired people have had to downsize their living arrangements, often resulting in the man's personal space (usually the garden shed or workshop) being lost.

In the community Shed, men can come and share a fantastic variety of tools, keep pursuing their interests, learn new skills or keep old skills honed and active. Men can feel viable and vigorous by contributing to community needs and create projects of personal interest and expertise.


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