Our philosophy

Artarmon OOSH

Our vision

Our centre aims to provide a safe, fun, engaging, inclusive and educational experience for children involving physical play, cognitive learning, support and healthy practices, which address the emotional and social needs of each individual.

Children’s health and safety

Educators will endeavour to create an environment that is secure and safe for children to have a strong sense of wellbeing. Through supervision and guidance we aim to support and promote planned and spontaneous experiences that ensure the safety of all involved.

Relationships with children

Educators aim to build warm and trusting relationships with families and children through effective communication to create a sense of community, which is supportive of their interests and needs.

Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

The Centre will engage with parents, children and families to obtain their feedback and ideas and incorporate this into the service programs. This will ensure a responsive framework that caters to everybody’s requirements.

Educational program and practice

Our centre will provide a program that offers a wide variety of resources for reading, cognitive learning, physical play and opportunities to experience activities within the community through excursions and incursions. Through our programming, we hope to introduce children to new skills and experiences in areas of creativity, cultural learning, hygiene and etiquette and social interaction.

Physical environment

Each child should feel free to explore their environment, develop their interests and have a sense of importance and appreciation of themselves and others. Educators will guide children to be aware and respectful of their environment in practices of recycling, saving water, reducing energy use and maintaining order and cleanliness.

Our outcome

With this philosophy the Centre staffs hopes to make our Out of School Hours environment one that fosters growth and development in our children, building confidence and social skills with structured programming that allows for review and change to best benefit the needs of our families and the children in care.