Street Trees

​​If power lines are down or any part of the tree is touching power lines contact Ausgrid 13 13 88.

Council is responsible for planting and maintaining street trees, so if you think one needs attention contact Council or call 9777 1000.

If the tree is wholly on private property it may be protected by WLEP 2012 Tree and Preservation.

Works Council will carry out:

  • Removal of dead, dying, hazardous or unsuitable trees
  • Pruning or removal  of trees in conflict with adjacent utilities or built structures, if no other viable option is available
  • Pruning  for overhead line clearance
  • Crown cleaning pruning to remove dead, diseased or defective branches or to improve pedestrian and vehicle access
  • Selective pruning for vehicle and signage sight lines
  • Root pruning to limit damage to built structure where feasible
  • Termite treatment where necessary
    All pruning is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4373 Pruning of amenity trees.

Council is unlikely to remove or prune trees:

  • if they are healthy, stable and viable
  • to improve views
  • if they shade lawns or inhibit grass growth
  • to facilitate driveway crossing where other options are available
  • to reduce fruit and leaf fall, sap drop, bird droppings or similar 

Street Trees and Power Lines

Ausgrid maintains safe clearances between trees and its electricity network to keep the power supply safe and reliable. Trimming is carried out by contractors trained to work in close proximity to the electrical network.  Ausgrid contractors will remove branches from the street within 48 hours of trimming.

 Planting New Street Trees

​​​Council is responsible for the planting and maintenance of street trees.  Council does not allow residents to plant their own trees of the nature strip due to safety and liability due to underground services.  Council also considers the distance from services, disabled and pram access and footpath clearance when considering where street trees are planted.

If you would like Council to plant a tree in front of your house contact Council or call 9777 1000.  Council's Streetscapes team will then inspect the location and determine whether the location is suitable for a new tree.​

​Storm Damage

For emergency help in floods and storms call the SES on 132500

The SES can clear access to an carry out temporary repairs to damaged property.

If a street tree causes damage to your property as a result of a storm, contact Council or call 9777 1000.  A Council officer  will come and assess the issue, arrange for a tree crew to cut up and remove the offending branches and inspect the tree to see if any further action is required.

For storm damage you will need to make an insurance claim through your own Car or Household insurance.  Council does reply on the provision of the Civil Liabilities Act 2002 in defence of these matters.

Tree Root Damage

Council regards the maintenance of domestic plumbing as the responsibility of the property owner.  Tree roots are damaging or blocking your stormwater/sewer pipes generally occurs to old earthenware or clay pipes that are aged and in disrepair, and the tree roots are then attracted to the leaking service.

Any claim for compensation will require supporting evidence such as plumbers/builders reports.  Contact Council as soon as possible to inspect the situation prior to any rectification works being undertaken.

*Please note that it is an offence to cut or otherwise damage the subject tree, please arrange to expose the tree roots without damage pending Councils attendance on site.

If tree roots are causing damage to footpaths or other access points, Contact Council to inspect the area.

The many trees which line the streets of Willoughby help make the community more beautiful and environmentally healthy, as well as increasing property values. There are around 20 000 street trees in the area, from over 150 native and exotic species. The streetscape is a mix of formal and informal plantings, and includes native plants growing naturally in streets next to bushland areas.

The  Street Tree Management Brochure explains in more detail what kind of work Council carries out on street trees.