The Willoughby area is noted for its many trees. Council wishes to protect and encourage its leafy character to enable the long term management of our environment.

In an urban environment trees provide a range of benefits including making our surroundings visually appealing, providing relief from summer's heat, providing habitat for local wildlife, reducing runoff and improving air quality.

Council works with the community to protect trees and ensure that the future of Willoughby will be green.

Pruning and Removing Trees

Some trees in Willoughby are protected by the WLEP 2012 Tree and Vegetation Preservation, even if they are on your property. If you wish to prune or remove a tree protected by the order, you will need to apply for permission.

Tree Management

Trees and Development Sites

Council also encourages the retention and protection of existing trees on development sites. The following landscape specifications have been prepared to assist this process: