Microchipping & Registration

Microchipping and lifetime registration of cats and dogs is now compulsory.

Registering and microchipping gives your dog or cat a much better chance of being recovered if lost, hurt or stolen. The RSPCA was forced to euthanise 34.4% of dogs and 57.8% of cats it received in 2004/2005, partly due to being unable to find their owners.

The Companion Animals Act 1998 requires you first to have your dog microchipped by a vet or animal welfare organisation and to then pay a lifetime registration fee.

Microchipping your pet

Your dog or cat must be chipped by 12 weeks of age for lifetime identification. 

Vets, animal welfare organizations and other authorised people can microchip your cat or dog. Some vets and animal welfare organisations offer discount rates on microchipping, so shop around for the best price.

Registering your pet

Your dog or cat must be registered with any local Council by six months of age.

The registration price is a once-only payment and the fees help Council provide pounds services, rangers, dog refuse bins and other pet facilities.

To register bring the following to Council’s Help & Service Centre:

  • A certificate of microchipping or a letter from your vet
  • Proof of desexing from your vet or a statutory declaration
  • Any other documents that entitle you to a discount.

You will also need to fill out a form, available at Council or online at the NSW Pet Registry Website.

The registration fees are:

  • Recognised breeder - $58
  • Desexed - $58
  • Desexed animal owned by an eligible pensioner  - $25
  • Desexed purchased PoundShelter - $29
  • Non-desexed - $210
  • Non-desexed - not recommended - $58
  • Non-desexed - under 6 months - $58
  • Assistance dogs - free

Council will process your registration and add the information to a statewide register accessible by all NSW Councils. 

Companion Animals Register

It is important that pet owners advise their local Council:

  • if and when you move house;
  • if there are changes to your contact details eg mobile phone number;
  • if you transfer ownership of your pet
  • if your pet passes away 

By keeping this information up-to-date, you will assist us to return your pet should it become lost or stolen. Information on the NSW Companion Animals Register can be obtained from Council's Customer Service or by contacting Council on 9777 1000.

There is no charge to update this information on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

However, if you fail to notify your local council or you knowingly give false or misleading information, you could be penalised up to $880 or $5,500 for a restricted dog or a declared dangerous dog.

For further information visit the Office of Local Government website.