Motorcycle Parking

The following maps show where you can find parking has been specifically been allocated for motorbikes in Chatswood, Artarmon and St Leonards.

More information about road safety for motorcyclists is also available.



Motorcycle Parking in Chatswood

Location Spaces
A. Endeavour Street 4
B. Brown Street, Southern kerb 6
C. McIntosh Street, South side 4
D. McIntosh Street, Northern kerb 6
E. Neridah Street, East side 4
F. Railway Street, East side 7
G. Spring Place, North side 3
H. Spring Street, West side 5
I. Spring Street, Western kerb 3
J. Thomas Street, Northern kerb 10
K. Post Office Lane, Northern kerb 3
L. Albert Avenue, Southern kerb 5
M. Royal Street, Eastern kerb 2
N. Thomas Lane 12
O. Albert Avenue, Northern kerb 2



Motorcycle Parking in Artarmon

Location Spaces
A. Dickson Avenue, Northern kerb 6
B. Punch Street, South side 5
C. Punch Street, North side 4


St Leonards

Motorcycle Parking in St Leonards

Location Spaces
A. Gore Hill Oval Carpark, North end 4
B. Plunkett Street, Eastern kerb 6
C. Plunkett Street, Western kerb 6
D. Christie Street, Western kerb 4