Safety Tips

A group of cyclistsGeneral cycling tips:

  • Look after your bike and make sure it has working brakes and a bell or horn.
  • You must wear a well-fitting helmet.
  • If riding at night you must have a bright white light at the front of your bike, and a bright red light and a reflector at the rear.
  • You should carry a pump, spare tube, patch kit and strong lock for parking.
  • Protect yourself from sunburn with suitable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or helmet peak.
  • Drink lots of fluids.

When using shared off-road paths, remember:

  • The paths are for everyone, but walkers have priority.
  • Use your common sense and be courteous.
  • Keep to the left side fo the path.
  • Warn others when passing, and go slowly.
  • Be alert and let others pass safely.
  • Check for traffic at intersections.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and clean up their waste.
  • Don’t cycle on walking trails.

Cyclists using roads, remember:

  • Obey the road rules, as bicycles are classified as a vehicle and you are just as responsible as a motorist.
  • If travelling to the front line of stopped traffic, ride on the left hand side of the traffic.
  • You can travel in bus lanes and transit lanes, but not bus only lanes.
  • Ride to the left, about a metre from the edge of the road.
  • You can ride two by two as long as you are both within 2.5 metres of the road’s edge.
  • Signal your intention to stop or turn with hand signals; make eye contact with drivers and don’t assume that they see you.
  • Be careful around parked cars, at intersections, traffic lights and roundabouts.
  • Children under ten should not ride on roads without adult supervision.
  • Be covered in the event of an accident. Cycling-specific public liability and personal accident insurance can be purchased from many insurers, including cycling organisations, or may be included in your household contents insurance.