Solar Power & Storage

If you are considering buying solar panels for your home, the Clean Energy Council’s Guide to Installing Solar PV for Households steps homeowners through the process of purchasing and installing rooftop solar panels.

Your Home website explains in detail the many choices available for batteries and inverters to store solar energy for when it is needed. 

With recent changes in the electricity market and tariffs, we have seen changes in the meters and displays and appliances to measure, switch and control power sources. Your Home explores these in more detail so you can choose what is right for you.  

We have developed two fact sheets to guide you through next steps and frequently asked questions:

Already have solar? Find out if it's working properly by using the Moreland Energy Foundation's free Solar Health Check to see how much power your system is generating and how it compares to similar systems.

Our Energy Future Logo

Willoughby City Council has joined the Our Energy Future program, a one-stop advice service to help householders find recommended suppliers and installers for energy efficient lighting, solar PV and battery storage, home energy assessments and blower door tests. You can register here to receive an obligation free quote or call the Our Energy Future team on 1300 339 915. For more information on how solar works, visit their solar information page.