Willoughby Natural Heritage Register

The Willoughby City Council Local Government Area has many natural heritage places and items, such as trees and natural vegetation, fauna habitat and geological features.  Protection and management of these places and items has become increasingly important to the local community and therefore to the Council.  Many items are contained within reserves, but many items are also on land zoned for other uses.

The overall aim of this study has been to identify and list items of natural heritage that remain outside bushland reserves (which have already been extensively surveyed) and to promote their greater protection, as these items are increasingly under threat from the pressures of urban development and consolidation.  Road verges, drainage easements, non-reserve public land and private land are being surveyed.  There is extensive resident consultation and support has been overwhelming.

This major ongoing project will enable the Council to develop strategies to monitor and protect the health of all of Willoughby’s natural heritage, not just that contained in bushland reserves.

The need for this study was identified by the Urban Bushland Plan of Management (1997).  The Natural Heritage Register project commenced in 2000 and will continue for some time to come.  So far there are listings for Chatswood West and Lane Cove North, Castle Cove, Castlecrag, Northbridge, and Gore Hill Oval. New listings and information will be posted on this website as they come to hand.