Student Curatorial Internships

Urban Screen Productions are offering high school students the opportunity to develop skills in media handling and curation through an internship program.

Urban Screen Productions have been engaged by Willoughby City Council to run the Urban Screen on The Concourse. In addition to this they also work with a network of screens in major cities around the world.

Intern Program

The student intern will have the opportunity to develop a 30 minute program for the screen based around the curation of publicly available content from places like vimeo, Youtube and flicker.

Interns will attend a 90 minute intern session where they will learn how to source and access material, how to compile a program around a theme and how to use design programs to enhance their production. They will also gain an understanding of how a production studio works. Following the studio session interns will be able to develop their program in their own time, and submit it for inclusion on the screen.

Intern sessions will take place in small groups at the Urban Screen offices located at The Concourse. Sessions will be held outside of school hours between May and August.

The programs created will be automatically entered in to the Willoughby Shorts Next Gen Film Festival with prizes available for the best program.

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