Blue Gum Creek Flood Study

The Blue Gum Creek Flood Study represents an in-depth technical investigation into flooding, defining flood levels, extent and velocity for storm events of various severities up to and including the Probable Maximum Flood. It constitutes a major technical foundation from which a floodplain risk management plan can be formulated, and forms the flood planning levels throughout the catchment.

The Blue Gum Creek Flood Study involved the following activities:

Community consultation Community newsletters/questionnaires were distributed by Council in June 2013, inviting residents to provide information on historic flooding patterns. Follow up resident interviews were subsequently organised to ground-truth the results of the hydraulic model.

Hydraulic model development and testing

Hydrologic modelling software and two-dimensional hydraulic modelling software were used to derive the design flood hydrographs and flood envelopes.Presentation of study results

The study results are presented as water surface profiles and indicative levels, extents of inundation as a result of various intensity storm events and the categorisation of properties into provisional hazard zones at risk during a flood.

Sensitivity studies and analysis

Sensitivity studies were also carried out to assess the effects on flooding as a result of partial pipe blockages and the effects of climate change on increased rainfall intensities and sea level rise.