Save Energy

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There are many indications that Earth’s climate is getting warmer and most scientists agree that part of this change is caused by increased amounts of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere as a result of human industry.

Many of the ways you can reduce the output of greenhouse gases will actually save you money while you save energy. So what can you do to help?

  • Reduce your energy bill by using compact fluorescent lights, appliances with a high energy efficient star rating, and by insulating your home. Visit Energy Smart and Your Home Design Guide.
  • Use renewable energy instead of coal-based energy. Your electricity company should be able to provide you with Green Power.
  • Avoid using your car. Try cycling, public transport, or for short trips just walk! TravelSmart can help.
  • Try to reduce the amount of products that you use in general, such as paper, washing detergent, and packaging. This saves on energy used to produce these items.
  • Get rid of your old second fridge, they can consume up to three times the energy of a new fridge. If your fridge is at least 10 years old, larger than 250L, and removing it would involve 20 stairs or less, Fridge Buyback may take it away for you.

Council is already taking it personally. As a member of the Cities for Climate Protection since 2000, Council is part of a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas. Council has committed to reducing its own emissions to 50% of what it produced in 1999 by 2010, and will help the community reduce 30% of its emissions.

So far Council has installed solar streetlights in Victoria Avenue, started using efficient flat screen computer monitors and Energy Star software, and used an Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) service.

EPC is about reducing energy consumption through investing in technologies that will provide cost savings. Council has upgraded its air conditioning system, lighting controls and hot water system. This will ultimately pay for itself in electricity bill savings, and will save 875 tonnes of greenhouse gas from being produced. The Australasian Energy Efficiency Council has more information for your business.