Records, Orders and Notices

There is certain information prescribed in the GIPA Act which is made available on Council's website. Other information is available by request, free of charge, over the counter.

The following documents are available from the Customer Service counter on Level 4, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood.

  1. Applications for approvals under Part 1 of Chapter 7 of the LGA
  2. Applications for approvals under other acts
  3. Records of approvals granted or refused or variation from Council Policies
  4. Orders given under Part 2 of Chapter 7 of the LGA and any reasons given under Section 136 of the LGA
  5. Orders given under the authority of any other act
  6. Records of Building Certificates under the EPA Act
  7. Plans of land proposed to be compulsorily acquired by Council
  8. Compulsory Acquisition notices
  9. Leases and licenses for use of public land classified as Community Land