Solar Power and Batteries

Have you been thinking about going solar? Now is the time to join the rooftop revolution happening in our city by accessing our Solar Power Bulk Buy Program.

Watch our video to hear from a resident about how they researched, selected and installed solar panels:

Check out SunSPoT, a free solar-mapping tool

SunSPoT is an online tool for estimating the potential for electricity generation from your roof.

Please note: This is not an essential step; the solar supplier can also provide this service.

Additional DA and heritage information

The installation of solar panels generally does not require a development approval and is considered exempt development unless the proposal does not meet the pre-set criteria under clause 39 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure).

Some restrictions still apply e.g. the panels must not face a primary road in a heritage conservation area or protrude more than 0.5m from the building or structure. For full details, see the legislation above or contact Council.

Energy Wise videos on solar and batteries

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of getting solar in this video with Your Energy Friend:

Let’s have a look at the ins and outs of house batteries in this video with Your Energy Friend:


Community Energy Sharing

Council has been a leader in renewable energy and battery storage within its own operations, with 400kW in solar PV and three battery storage units installed. Residents have also exceeded expectations with a quadrupling of roof top solar PV capacity within the last 5 years.

There is strong support in our community to keep going but we need the local network provider, Ausgrid, to assist by installing community batteries to store our renewable energy, keep energy costs down and assist with the transition to a greater share of renewables in the gird.

Ausgrid has commenced trials of three community batteries in sites they selected: Cameron Park, Beacon Hill and Bankstown. These trials are due to conclude in February 2023 and are designed to show how:

  • The benefits of community batteries can be shared between local customers, the wider community and electricity networks
  • Community batteries can help deliver cost savings and support the take up of solar power by households and businesses. 

Visit Ausgrid - Community Batteries for further details and for the opportunity to stay updated on the progress of the trial.