Book a clean-up collection

Please note there are a limited number of pre-booked services available per week, and they must be booked at least a week in advance. At busy periods bookings may not be available for several weeks.

What can I put out for collection?

If you are utilising the pre-booked service for bulky household goods, check the acceptable items under the scheduled clean-up service.

For bulk vegetation collection, Council will collect:

green-tick.png Tree prunings and loppings
green-tick.png Untreated timber
green-tick.png Christmas trees
green-tick.png Palings without nails (max 0.5m³)

Council will NOT collect:

red-cross.png Untied/loose vegetation
red-cross.png Vegetation in plastic bags
red-cross.png Branches greater than 75mm diameter
red-cross.png Branches, untreated wood or Christmas trees in sections longer than 1 metre
red-cross.png Painted or chemically treated timber
red-cross.png Tree stumps
red-cross.png Whole wood pallets
red-cross.png Building timber
red-cross.png Whole fences
red-cross.png General garbage
red-cross.png Timber with nails

When are my next scheduled clean-up collections?

 Check your clean-up dates

For additional information regarding our scheduled clean-up collection service visit Clean-up collections.


Step 1.Lodge the application form

Online Form 

Step 2.Wait for review

Council Officer will review your application and if your nominated week is not fully booked, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3.Print a Clean-up label

Download Pre-booked Clean-up label(PDF, 48KB) and attached it to your items.

Note: If you are unable to print the labels, please attach a piece of paper to both the street-facing and footpath-facing sides of the group of items. The label should identify the items as “For Clean-up” and include the date of the Sunday before the collection week. For pre-booked clean-ups, please also include your address and booking reference number.

Step 4.Place the items on the kerbside or nominated collection point

Please ensure your items are out and labelled on Sunday in preparation for collection.