Air quality

It is essential that the air we need to sustain us is of a high quality. The way in which we go about our daily lives both affects the quality of the air we breathe and in turn impacts on our health.

Air quality is typically affected by things such as; bush fires, wood heaters, industry, agriculture, and transport. Whilst these things have a cross regional effect it is impossible to completely remove the risks associated with these activities in the Willoughby Local government area.

Council can, however, keep it’s community well informed of the prevailing air quality conditions that would impact on people’s lives. This allows everyone to make the best decisions they can based on the most up-to-date information for local conditions that is available.

Since 2006 Council has operated an air-quality monitoring station. This station was first employed to monitor the effects of the Lane Cove tunnel emission stacks. Due to minimal air quality exceedance the equipment was moved to the Artarmon industrial area. The station monitors local ambient air quality collecting data in real time on particulate matter of less than 10 microns in diameter and particulate matter of less than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM10 and PM 2.5).

Real-time air quality data