Received development applications

On display until 08 March 2026, 12:00 AM

From 27 February to 3 March 2023

Council received the following applications during the period mentioned above. These applications can be viewed online on Council’s Application Tracking system.


17 Neerim Road CASTLE COVE             

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including internal changes, swimming pool, extend balcony, internal courtyard area, garage, façade renovations and associated works.


16 Sailors Bay Road NORTHBRIDGE    

Lot consolidation of existing lots, demolition of existing buildings at 16-18 Sailors Bay Road and the construction of a predominantly three storey residential flat building comprising ten apartments, and basement parking and strata subdivision.


9 Blakesley Street CHATSWOOD          

In addition to the determined Development Application (DA-2022/162) further modifications (S4.55) are to be made to the internal ceiling height and rear roof height. Modified Items: 1. Internal ceiling height of rooms - new kitchen, new living, new laundry and new sunroom. 2. Roof height on top of rooms - new kitchen, new living, new laundry and new sunroom. 3. Bi-fold door sizes at sunroom. 4. HOB deleted below bi-fold doors at sunroom.


4 Lawrence Street CHATSWOOD         

Modify original proposal to include changes to landscaping, car parking, fire hydrant and pump room, lift shaft size, stairs, driveway ramp, relocation of front entry, bin area, apartment layouts, increase planter size, rear extension to building.


42 Garland Road  NAREMBURN           

Demolition of the internal stairs, and construction of external stairs, ground floor storage, and upper level study, bedroom, wet bar and bathroom. The prospective use of part of the building as a studio.


3 Abbott Road ARTARMON                   

Demolition of existing building and construction of three storey in-fill affordable units with basement parking and associated works.


4 McBurney Street NAREMBURN        

Modify original proposal to reduce stormwater retention tank and associated works.


56 Hawthorne Avenue CHATSWOOD WEST                     

Construction of gas heater with external brick flue and associated works.


107 Archer Street CHATSWOOD          

Alterations and rear additions to existing dwelling and associated works.


2 Kalgoorlie Street WILLOUGHBY        

Alterations and additions to semi-detached dwelling to include internal modifications, rear dwelling and roof extension, demolition of existing carport, WC and storage, landscaping and associated works.


20 Lucknow Street WILLOUGHBY       

Delete Condition of Consent No. 30, replace existing vehicular crossing.


11 Oakville Road  WILLOUGHBY           

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and associated works.