Facilitating necessary steps to meet statewide housing targets

Last modified on 08 June 2023


Willoughby City Council has approved 13 rezoning proposals around the Chatswood CBD facilitating high-density residential development in an effort to increase housing supply and capacity for growth in the area.

Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor emphasised Council's commitment to providing an appropriate supply and mix of housing to meet the community's needs, including affordable and essential housing.

“We have embraced the growth of our City and have already delivered approximately 1,500 dwellings in Chatswood with more to come.

“The new Metro Line in Chatswood is valuable infrastructure, and we intend to leverage this to deliver more housing in an effort to alleviate the affordability crisis.

Willoughby City Council has also adopted new planning controls, enabling the creation of 6,600 new dwellings across the local government area (LGA), with a significant focus on Chatswood CBD.

Specifically, 4,000 of these dwellings are earmarked for development in the Chatswood CBD, underscoring the council's commitment to catering to the growing population's housing needs.

Acknowledging the rapid growth both locally and state wide, Mayor Taylor stressed the importance of a collaborative response to ensure housing targets align with infrastructure requirements.

“By taking into account the needs of the community and the environment we are fostering sustainable development.

“We recognise the importance of balanced growth, particularly along transport corridors and in our villages. This approach allows for the development of infrastructure and amenities while also preserving heritage areas and green spaces

A new Local Environmental Plan (draft LEP) providing new dwellings across the local government area including controls that would permit 90m mixed use buildings in Chatswood demonstrate Willoughby’s proactive approach to delivering affordable housing.

“Willoughby City Council stands ready to work in conjunction with the government to implement any necessary changes to facilitate new growth and provide the necessary infrastructure to support it.”

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