Willoughby City Council backs ‘True Blue’ Ukrainian art exhibition

Last modified on 08 November 2022


Willoughby City Council has thrown its support behind an exhibition by Ukrainian artists which is raising funds for the war-torn country by presenting a unique perspective on the Australian natural environment.

The exhibition, titled “True Blue and a little bit of Yellow: Australiana” presents a collection of paintings and fine art photography at the Incinerator Art Space from 16-27 November.

The exhibition features artwork from artists who are either Ukrainian-born, or who have Ukrainian ancestry, and are now permanently residing in Australia. The exhibition seeks to celebrate the two nations’ combined love of nature and the bush.

“As ‘true blue’ friends, Ukrainians and Australians both have a deep connection with nature, a shared admiration for its beauty and a passion for caring for the environment,” said exhibiting artist Elena Levkovskaya.

“Presenting a collection of artworks using different mediums and styles, from ancient folk techniques to classicism, abstract art and photography, we invite the audience to admire scenes of the Australian bush, to find nature’s treasures and to make a difference.

“Money raised from the profits of the exhibition will go to humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in need.”

Artwork by Olena Vigovska.jpg

An artwork by Olena Vigovska, “Yellow on blue - golden wattle, 2022”, which will feature in the exhibition

Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor urged everyone to visit the exhibition, after the Council gave the exhibitors free use of the Incinerator Art Space.

“Willoughby Council is happy to do what it can to help these artists deliver humanitarian support for Ukraine, while at the same time strengthen connections between the two countries and enrich our local cultural life,” Mayor Taylor said.

“In addition, Willoughby is home to more than 300 hectares of abundant bushland and diverse native flora and fauna, so is the perfect location for an exhibition focusing on nature.”

The seven artists in the exhibition are:

  • Elena Levkovskaya, an award-winning fine-art photographer and painter who uses a combination of paint, texture and a hidden message to make her work unique.
  • Nataliia Vyaz, an artist and teacher who works in an ancient Ukrainian folk painting style.
  • Tetiana Koldunenko, who is known by her collections of unique jewellery and mixed-media paintings.
  • Olena Vigovska, whose name as an artist can be found in many Australian animations. She paints a lot of colourful seascapes at her home in Sydney’s Northern beaches.
  • Olena Zubach, who is an award-winning art photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine and is the only member of the team who is currently in Ukraine.
  • Alice Vigovska, a university student studying visual art. Her painting is about trying to stay positive and looking forward to a brighter future during dark times. Alice is the only one who was born in Australia and received Australian Art education.
  • Natalya Kravchenko, an artist and art educator whose style is vibrant and expressive. She is focused on exploring the beauty of the natural world.

Find out more about the exhibition here - https://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Events/True-Blue-and-a-little-bit-of-Yellow-Australiana

An opening event is being held at 4pm on Saturday 19 November, at the Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small Street, Willoughby.

Main photo caption: Artists featuring in the “True Blue and a little bit of Yellow: Australiana” exhibition at the Incinerator Art Space from 16-27 November


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