Economic Development Strategies

Economic Development Strategy

The Willoughby Economic Development Strategy provides the overarching framework, strategic direction and guiding principles for delivering a city that is prosperous and vibrant.

The strategy identifies the key economic outcomes for the City that will deliver a robust economy where businesses want to be located, where they can grow and thrive in high quality businesses premises, employing highly skilled and motivated staff with access to the highest quality facilities, recreational activities and food and drink options. A place that attracts businesses and visitors from around the world in sectors that lead in creativity and innovation.

Six strategic outcomes

  1. Facilitate the development of all businesses.
  2. Build and support a night-time economy.
  3. Create memorable food destinations.
  4. Attract visitors and promote local, destination-based tourism.
  5. Diversify our economy including creative and innovative industries.
  6. Facilitate the viability and vibrancy of our village centres.

Economic Development Strategy(PDF, 15MB)

Night Time Economy Strategy

The night time economy is an important  part of the overall economy and encompasses the activities that take place after 6pm. It is made up of a broad range of industries. These include ‘core businesses’ such as restaurants, theatres, festivals, markets, live music, late night retail cafes, bars, sports and recreation activities, and also includes many other activities like transport, retail, service industries, and educational establishments. 

The Night Time Economy Strategy 2022-2028 identifies the key night time economic outcomes for Willoughby City that will deliver a vibrant night time economy, based around Chatswood being the cultural hub of the North Shore of Sydney. A place where locals and visitors know that during the night time they’ll find new and exciting events and activities, open dining, meeting and entertainment venues, as well as retail and other services available, ensuring that they come back again and again. 

To achieve this, four strategic outcomes have been identified:

  1. Making the places.
  2. Promotion and events.
  3. Business and cultural development.
  4. Diversification.

Night Time Economy Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

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