Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship - Sept 17 - Screenshot.jpg

Willoughby Council is moving to online Citizenship Ceremonies during lockdown and hopes to resume normal in-person ceremonies in due course.
We currently plan to have 2 x 20 person online ceremonies every fortnight with the possibilities of more.

Our next online Ceremony is scheduled for 14 October 2021.  Subsequent dates will be posted shortly.

The Department of Home Affairs supplies Council with a list of conferees for each online ceremony approximately 2 weeks ahead. If you are on this list you will receive an email invitation from Council staff. If you are offered an online ceremony, you may decline if you would prefer to wait for an in-person ceremony.

For conferees that choose to take part in an online Citizenship Ceremony, they must have a stable internet connection, web camera and microphone. Family groups can share one device or have one each.

All candidates as a group will take the pledge of Citizenship (Oath or Affirmation).

If you apply for citizenship for a child under 16 years of age, you need to attend the ceremony and receive their Citizenship Certificate on their behalf.
Children are not required to attend, but of course are welcome to do so.

We recommend online citizenship ceremony attendees to dress in a smart casual attire or traditional cultural clothing to reflect this significant occasion.

Further information is available from the Department of Home Affairs website