Where's Gamarada?

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Hi, I’m Gamarada the kookaburra. My name means “friend” in the local indigenous language.

Friends, can you find me hidden around Chatswood? 

Take the family on this neighbourhood walk adventure. Solve the clues below to find me and discover local landmarks along the way! (This walking adventure is suitable for young children with their families)

Happy hunting!!

Love, Gamarada

P.S. When you find me, tag Chatswood Library in your Facebook posts @ChatswoodLibrary 

Safety first

  • Please take care whilst undertaking this activity.
  • Children under 12 must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.
  • Cross busy roads at pedestrian crossings on the green light only. 
  • Exercise vigilance and caution when crossing roads, car parks and driveways on pedestrian path ways.
  • Hold the hand of a young child when walking across or close to roads.



  1. Gamarada is chatting to the conductor, while waiting in this leafy spot for Chatswood Library’s front doors to open.
  2. Gamarada sometimes fancies themselves a bit of a TV star, but is more likely found behind the screen
  3. Uh oh, Gamarada has gone for a swim where they shouldn’t!
  4. If Gamarada travelled back in time to the early 1900s, and put on their roller skates, they would be here. But today they’re off to the movies!
  5. Did you know Gamarada thinks a wing wave and a laughing call are INTERCHANGEable SIGNALS for hello?
  6. If Postman Pat lived in Chatswood, he would definitely stop to smell the roses here with Gamarada.
  7. Gamarada’s taking a quiet moment to sit and remember our fallen soldiers. Lest we forget.
  8. Uh oh, Gamarada seems to have visited Wonderland and eaten some of Alice’s cake! Look out!
  9. Phew! Gamarada is back to normal size and has NOTICEd a centre doing great work for the community.
  10. Gamarada has flown to where LOVE, HONOUR and BROTHERHOOD meet on the Tingha path.
  11. Gamarada is in the mood to fly indoors now and find out a lot about Willoughby’s history.
  12. Gamarada is visiting a sick friend here with Albert and Archer and two scaly friends.
  13. Gamarada has now flown to one of their favourite spots in Chatswood, where they can enjoy a beloved gum tree and feel very safe and protected by important community workers.


  1. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)正在樹蔭下與指揮家先生交談,同時等待着車士活(Chatswood)圖書館的大門打開。
  2. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)有時會幻想自己有點像個電視明星,但你更有可能在屏幕後面找到牠。
  3. 哎呀,加瑪拉達(Gamarada)去了不應該游泳的地方!
  4. 如果時光倒流回到1900年代初期,加瑪拉達(Gamarada)會穿上旱冰鞋在這裡出現。但是現在牠要去看一場電影。
  5. 您知道加瑪拉達(Gamarada)認為翅膀的振動和咯咯的笑聲是可轉換的 (Interchange) 問候的信號嗎?
  6. 如果郵遞員帕特住在車士活,他一定會停下腳步與加瑪拉達(Gamarada)一起聞聞玫瑰花的芬芳。
  7. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)安靜地坐着,緬懷起逝去的戰士,免得我們忘記了他們。
  8. 啊哈,加瑪拉達(Gamarada)似乎到過仙境(Wonderland),還吃了一些愛麗絲(Alice)的蛋糕!小心!
  9. 啊哈!加瑪拉達(Gamarada)恢復了正常大小,並已經關注到在告示板上顯示社區中心為社區做的出色工作。
  10. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)飛到了丁哈小路(Tingha Path),這是一個充滿了愛意、榮耀和手足之情的地方。
  11. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)現在想在室內飛行,以便發現更多有關威洛比市(Willoughby)歷史的信息。
  12. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada)與阿爾伯特(Albert),阿徹爾(Archer)以及兩位長着這鱗片的朋友在這裡探望一位生病的友人。
  13. 加瑪拉達(Gamarada) 現在已經飛往牠們在車士活喜愛的地點之一,在那裡牠們可以欣賞心愛的桉樹並感到非常安全, 社區工作者會悉心呵護牠們。


Uh-oh – has Gamarada flown away from a hiding spot? If Gamarada can’t be found, or you need help solving clues, please send an email to the library library@willoughby.nsw.gov.au


  • Friday, 05 June 2020 | 09:00 AM - Tuesday, 30 June 2020 | 05:00 PM


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