JJ's Waste and Recycling presents Carols in Willoughby Park 2023

Next date: Saturday, 02 December 2023 | 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM


Willoughby City Council is delighted to announce that its popular festive event, Carols in Willoughby Park, will return this December. Bring your deck chairs and blankets and settle in for an evening of festive family fun! Now in its 15th year, this free event will be a welcome community celebration during the lead-up to Christmas.

The fun starts at 4pm with loads of activities to get you in the Christmas mood. Entertain the kids with fairground rides and indulge in an extensive range of international food. Look out for our special guest,  Santa, who will be making a personal appearance. Our stage will be filled with local entertainment and as the sun sets, get your voices ready for a spectacular carol sing-along extravaganza from approximately 6:30pm. The Willoughby Band and Willoughby Symphony Choir will get you into the Christmas spirit with traditional carols and some funky favourites.

Dogs are welcome to attend but we recommend on leash as the day will have a lot of people onsite.

Amusement side ticket costs

$40 - Unlimited access till 8pm
$35 - 5 tickets, one ticket per attraction
$8 - 1 ticket per attraction

Come early and get an unlimited ticket so that you get as much goes as possible. If lines are too long when close to 8pm, staff might have to stop children from lining up.

Performance schedule

4:00pm  Sydney SAKURAKIDS Cheerleaders 
4:20pm Centre Stage Academy 
4:40pm  Northside Concert Band
5:10pm  Evolution Performance Centre
5:30pm  Creative Sound Studios
6:00pm  Ali Amelia Clark
6:30pm  Carols by Willoughby Band and the Willoughby Symphony Choir with Ali Amelia Clark 


Stalls attending

Mr Creamy Coffee and Ice Cream
Turkish Gozleme Catering
G&A Korean Food
Ve-Sweet Vegetarian
Greek Corner
I Am Hotteok Korean Pancakes
Japanese Pizza OKONOMIYAKI
Spanish Paella
Spanish Churros
Silkroad Uyghur BBQ
May's Malaysian Hawker
Phan House Vietnamese
Uncle Fun Potstickers
90's Street Taste Egg Burgers
LJ Chinese Pancakes
One Stop Pokeshop
Minami Candles
Toy Kingdom
IMK Toys
Willoughby Symphony Orchestra


Stall spots all filled up
We have had a great responses by stallholders and are now fully booked. A list of stalls will be placed up soon. There will be plenty of food, gifts and activities for the 5,000 people attending carols.

Stall price and information

In the application form, you'll be able to select your stall type:

  • Retail stalls  - $220
  • Food stalls  - $300
  • Community and non-profit stalls - $100
  • Corporate stalls  - $1150.

All stallholders will need to bring their own marquee and equipment unless you indicate you want to hire equipment from Council.

  • 2.4m x 2.4m fete stall  - $150
  • 3m x 3m marquee with tables and chairs - $300

Please indicate on the form if you require equipment from Council or not.

Water and power

Water is available from taps near the Willoughby Park building. Power is not available at Willoughby Park - we suggest all food be cooked with gas. Any stallholder that needs power will need to bring in a small generator and place it behind their stall safely. We also recommend battery powered lighting as it will get dark by 8pm. After the carols are finished the oval lights will be turned on to assist with bump out.

Parking for stallholders

Stall holders will bump in from 1pm for a 4pm start. All day street parking surrounds the oval. As long as stallholders come on time, there will be spots nearby.

Stallholder guidelines


  1. Council's decision on stall selection and location is final.
  2. Stallholders understand that Willoughby City Council has the right to amend or add to the rules pertaining to and governing Carols in Willoughby Park at any time. Additions or amendments will be circulated in writing.
  3. Interpretation of Carols in Willoughby Park rules by Willoughby City Council is final and no correspondence will be entered into. All stallholders must abide by the decisions of Willoughby City Council.
  4. Carols in Willoughby Park will proceed regardless of weather conditions unless deemed by Willoughby City Council to be unsafe to do so. Fees will not be refunded for reasons of adverse weather.
  5. Photographs and images submitted by stallholders may be used in Carols in Willoughby Park marketing material.
  6. Photographs taken during the Carols in Willoughby Park of stalls and stallholders may be used in Willoughby City Council marketing material.
  7. Applications for Carols in Willoughby Park will be assessed from stall to stall, no stalls are exclusive types.
  8. Payment due by Friday 24 November 2023. There are no refunds. Cancellation fees apply.

Stall goods and services

  1. Stallholders shall not alter the type of merchandise to be sold from the items listed in the application form, without the written consent of Willoughby City Council.
  2. Accepted stallholders must pay the fee by the due date. Failure to pay will result in the stall being reallocated.
  3. All stallholders will trade in their own 3m x 3m marquee unless prior arrangement with Council is made.
  4. The stallholder is to confine their operations to within the boundary of the allocated stall area and may not move their stall from the allocated site. No operations are permitted outside the allocated stall area.
  5. Willoughby City Council will not provide water, chairs or electricity to any stall. 
  6. Spruiking, microphones and sound amplification are not permitted.
  7. No toy weapons or 'smelly bombs' may be sold or displayed at any time.
  8. Balloons are not permitted. Stalls giving balloons away shall be fined for littering and unauthorised waste disposal.
  9. The stallholder understands and agrees that Willoughby City Council has the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any stallholder who misrepresents themselves or their products. 

Access and trading 

  1. Stallholders must abide by the set up and pack down rules as stipulated by Willoughby City Council and trade for the duration of the Carols in Willoughby Park (4pm – 8pm on Saturday 2 December 2023). Information relating to set-up and pack-down will be distributed to successful stallholders before the event.
  2. Stallholders may not bring their vehicle into the Carols in Willoughby Park area at any time during the event other than that designated for loading in and out. Vehicle speed limit is 5km per hour. Hazard lights must be turned on.
  3. Any stallholder not in place by 3pm will forfeit their right to exhibit without refund or recourse.

Rubbish storage and disposal

  1. Stallholders must take all waste and rubbish with them. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to remove all rubbish and other materials and leave the area clean and tidy at the conclusion of trading. Littering fines may be enforced if rubbish is not removed. Food stallholders must use environmentally sustainable packaging.
  2. No water, oil or other liquid is to be poured anywhere on the Carols in Willoughby Park site.

Indemnity andiInsurance

  1. Applications will not be accepted without evidence of public liability insurance cover. The stallholder will supply their certificate of currency of insurance, as follows:

    23.1 Food stalls - Public and products liability insurance with a minimum cover of twenty million dollars ($20,000,000).
    23.2 Non food stalls - Public and products liability insurance with a minimum cover of ten million dollars ($10,000,000).
    23.3 Workers compensation where required by law.

  2. The stallholder hereby indemnifies Willoughby City Council in respect of any claims for injury, loss or damage by any third party arising from the operations of the stallholder during the activities subject of this agreement.
  3. The stallholder will be liable for any damage to property of Willoughby City Council or Council's contractors.

Food stall requirements

Should you require further information please phone Council’s Food Surveillance Officer on 02 9777 7685.

Documentation needed for food stall application

The following details need to be provided with your application to Council to demonstrate compliance with the National Food Safety Standards:

  1. A site plan of the food stall showing the location of different pieces of equipment, labels indicating where different processes are carried out and arrows indicating the flow of production of the food.
  2. A written statement about the business including a description of the food products that will be made or sold.
  3. Any other relevant information in regard to the proposed food preparation including methods, equipment used and relevant food safety and hygiene matters.
  4. Details on food transportation and storage conditions.
  5. A copy of the operator’s Food Safety Supervisor certificate (if one is required by the NSW Food Authority).
  6. Printed confirmation that your food business has notified the NSW Food Authority of its details.

If you have a gas bottle on site, Flammable gas 2 signage must be prominently displayed on your stall.

Under the National Food Safety Standards all food businesses (including those involved in temporary events) must notify the NSW Food Authority of their details. Food stallholders can notify their details to the NSW Food Authority by:

Offsite food preparation

Council prefers that high-risk food be cooked onsite fresh for the customer, but where this is impractical, it will consider an application involving the preparation of food at other venues provided that the following is submitted:

  1. The address of the premises and a floor plan of the location where the food is prepared showing the location of different pieces of equipment, labels indicating where different processes are carried out and arrows indicating the flow of production of the food.
  2. A description of the fittings and fixtures including materials and surface finishes.
  3. Written evidence that the use of the premises is authorised by the local council.
  4. Copies of food premises inspection reports from the respective local council over the previous 12 month period.

If your offsite food preparation premise is new and you haven’t had a food premises inspection yet or you are unsure whether it has the appropriate approval, contact your local council.

Domestic kitchens have certain limitations in terms of size, facilities and the standard of construction and may only be suitable for the preparation of low-risk, non-potentially hazardous foods. They may also potentially pose food safety risks as a result of access by pets or children, plants or furnishings (such as curtains) which may accumulate dust, and from normal household activities.

All stallholders are reminded of the need to comply with the above requirements and those implied by the Food Act 1989, Food Safety Standards and the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001.

Failure to comply may result in your exclusion from the event and/or prosecution.

Public and products liability insurance requirements

This is the format needed to meet Council’s requirements. Please pass this information to your broker or insurer when requesting a certificate of currency.

This advice deals with the form which an insurance certificate of currency must take to meet Council’s requirements. The matter of the amount of insurance cover will be advised separately.

  1. Format: The evidence of insurance must be in typewritten form.
  2. Title: Certificate of currency. (A copy of a policy schedule or similar is not acceptable).
  3. Insurer: The certificate must be issued by an approved insurer licensed to conduct general insurance business in Australia.
  4. Origin: The document must be on the letter-head of the insurance company carrying the risk. A document produced by a broker or agent is only acceptable if a document from the insurer, authorising the broker or agent to bind them to cover, is supplied with the certificate. Alternatively, the certificate may bear the stamp of the insurer, duly initialled.
  5. Policy number: It is essential the policy number be shown.
  6. Insured: The ‘Insured’ shown on the document must be exactly the same as, or include, the name of the legal entity with whom Council is dealing. A registered trading name is not a legal entity and is not acceptable without the name of the person or persons who trade under that name. Partnerships must include the names of the partners. A registered company is a legal entity and so the certificate must bear the full company name.
  7. Class of insurance: must conform to the activity or property in which Council is interested.
  8. Business (liability insurance): The business described on the certificate must coincide with or clearly cover the operations or property in which Council is interested.
  9. Period of cover: Must cover the entire period of the arrangement. If the policy will expire during the period of the arrangement, measures must be put in place to guarantee continuance of cover.
  10. Situation (liability insurance): ‘Anywhere in Australia’.
  11. Councils interests: The certificate must state that the interests of Willoughby City Council are protected in relation to the work undertaken for Council or on Council property.
  12. Limit of indemnity: As advised in the guidelines.

Carols in Willoughby Park is presented by Willoughby City Council and sponsored by JJ's Waste and Recycling.


  • Saturday, 02 December 2023 | 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM


Willoughby Park, Cnr McClelland Street and Warrane Road, Willoughby, 2068, View Map

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