How do I comment on someone else’s DA?

When a DA is submitted to Council, the owners of properties likely to be affected by the development are notified by Council and invited to come and inspect the detailed plans and documents at Council’s Help & Service Centre or on this website under Development, DA Online Enquiry. The letter contains details needed in order to comment on the development, including the name and contact details of the responsible Council Officer and the application number.

A sign is also placed at the front of the land subject to the DA. Applications are also advertised in the local newspaper and are listed on Council’s website.

After inspecting the application you can make a submission setting out any concerns you may have, or indicating why you believe the application should be approved or refused by Council. You do not have to make a submission, it’s entirely optional.

Submissions must be made in writing, addressed to:
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Willoughby City Council
P.O. Box 57
Chatswood NSW 2057

Or emailed to

All submissions will be published on Council's Application Tracking System.

Quote the application number and address of the proposed development. You may wish to provide a telephone number so Council can contact you about your submission if necessary. You can use photos or sketches to make your concerns clearer.

If you make a submission and have made a reportable political donation or gift to a Councillor or Council Officer within 2 years before making the submission, you must attach a completed disclosure statement. Read more about political donations.

Some matters that often come up in submissions include; views, overshadowing, privacy, streetscape, size of the proposed structure, landscaping, car parking, noise, drainage and heritage. This is not an exhaustive list and not every matter is relevant to every application.

Council will acknowledge it has received your submission in the DA report. If you have specific questions or concerns you want to discuss, please contact the Council Officer responsible for the DA. Council staff will inspect the site, consider received submissions and assess the development proposal in relation to Council’s policies and other statutory requirements.

Contact the responsible Officer if you want to know what is happening with an application.

Please remember that all submissions received, including the names and addresses of the persons making submissions, can be accessed by any person.

The supply of personal information is entirely voluntary; however, if matters raised in an anonymous submission need to be substantiated, these submissions may be given less or no weight when considering the application.

Under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, you may access or amend your personal information.