Willoughby community urged to suggest ideas to help road safety

Last modified on 18 November 2022

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The Willoughby community is being urged to help the Council develop a new Road Safety Plan by filling out a short online survey before 11 December.

The survey asks respondents to nominate the factors they believe reduce road safety in the Willoughby LGA, potentially including road user behaviour, enforcement, road infrastructure and speed limits.

It also asks respondents to nominate the main ways that Willoughby City Council could improve road safety.

"While deaths and injuries on NSW roads have been trending steadily downward for decades, road trauma is still a serious issue and we need to do whatever we can to remove the potential for these incidents to happen," said Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor.

"We urge anyone in the Willoughby community, including visitors, to fill out this survey to create the strongest possible evidence base to help us create Willoughby’s Road Safety Plan."

The survey is relevant to all road users, including motorists, pedestrians or cyclists, along with motorcycle, taxi, ride share and public transport users.

To fill out the survey, please go to https://www.haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/help-us-create-a-willoughby-road-safety-plan before 11 December.

The Road Safety Plan, which will be a supporting plan to Council's existing Willoughby Integrated Transport Strategy 2036, is due to be exhibited in 2023.


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