Willoughby Leisure Centre Reopened

Published on 19 June 2020

WLC Reopening

Last updated on 3 September 2020 

Willoughby Leisure Centre is registered as a COVIDSafe business. Your health and safety is our priority; you will notice several measures to keep visitors and staff safe while providing health and fitness facilities to the community, including:

  • COVIDSafe Marshall present at all times to monitor cleaning, physical distancing and visitor check-in
  • Compulsory check-in for all non-booked visitors (via QR code)
  • Compulsory bookings to attend the Centre to help manage venue capacity limits
  • Limit of 20 people per Group Fitness class
  • Limit of 4 people per lap lane in the main pool (excluding swim school and squad programs)
  • Limit of 1 person per 4 square metres for all facility areas and 1.5 metre physical distancing (signage to indicate capacity)
  • Additional protective measures including; increased cleaning, staggered session times, floor markers, sneeze guards and encouraging face mask use for staff and patrons.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we do our best to provide as many opportunities for you to attend our facilities in the safest way possible.

What's open?

The main pool, slide pool, health club and group fitness classes are currently operating with limited capacity and in 45 minute sessions. Swimming Lessons are also currently operating with reduced class sizes.

All customers are required to book into a session in advance via the Member Portal. Members can book unlimited sessions per day (including back-to-back times for longer sessions) and up to 5 days per week. 

DO NOT attend the Centre if:

  • You are experiencing any cold/flu-like symptoms (including fever, sore throat, dry cough or runny nose).
  • You have visited Melbourne, or any COVID-19 hotspot listed on the NSW Health website in the last 14 days.
  • You have come into contact with anyone who has visited Melbourne, or any COVID-19 hotspot listed on the NSW Health website in the last 14 days, or anyone suspected of having COVID-19.

Please ensure you:

  • Arrive at least 5-minutes before your booked session start time to allow for a brief induction if attending for the first time.
  • Arrive ready for the activity you are booked for (i.e. wearing swimwear). We also recommend wearing a warm, loose clothing layer as you will need to wait outside prior to your session start time.

Please see list of available facilities and services below:

Facilities and Services


WLC Swim School

Term 3 - Starting from Monday, 3 August, 2020. Must enrol to attend.

Varies based on enrolled class

Varies based on enrolled class

Existing customers: Please view available times online and book via the Member Portal (enrolment available from Monday, 20 July)

New customers: Please complete an online Learn To Swim enquiry form (enrolment available from Monday, 27 July)

For more details, view our How To Enrol page

Health Club (Gym)

Open - Limited Hours

20 people per session

45 minutes

View session times (unlimited session bookings per day, book up to 5 days per week)

Group Fitness Classes

Open - Limited Classes

20 people per class

45 minutes

View session times (unlimited session bookings per day, book up to 5 days per week)






Main Pool

Open - Limited Hours

4 people per lane

45 minutes

View session times (unlimited session bookings per day, book up to 5 days per week)

Slide Pool

Open -Limited Hours

1 family (up to 4 people) per half-pool

45 minutes

View session times 

Toddler Pool















Sports Hall Bookings





Pre-existing Association Sporting Competitions

Open - Limited

Managed by Association under NSW Health Order


Contact relevant sporting association

Squad Swimming Programs

Open - Limited

Managed by Willoughby Swim Squads under NSW Health Order


Contact Willoughby Swim Squads

Change Rooms & Showers

Open - Limited Hours

Main change rooms: 6 people

Family change rooms: 1 person / family


 N/A During booked sessions times only

Health and Safety

The following compulsory protocols have been implemented to keep you safe:

  • Stay at home if you are sick

    Please do not enter the facility if you are feeling unwell or have a fever, cough or shortness of breath. Our team will be doing the same.

  • Wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser

    Regularly wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser provided. We have installed additional stations so there is plenty available.

  • Café re-opens 

    We love to see our customers stay around after their workout for a chat and coffee in the café. Please help us to manage the facility capacity and safety by limiting numbers to 10 people in the café and comply with the social distancing rules.

  • Book your visit in advance

    You are required to book your session online via the Member Portal in advance, or call us on 9958 5799 to book. For the safety of you and our employees, we are limiting face to face contact including over the counter transactions. On the odd occasion that you do have to pay in centre, we are only accepting card payments (no cash).

  • Physical distancing
    Please maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres away from other customers and staff. Floor markers will indicate a safe distance at the front entrance and various locations throughout the centre. We ask that you avoid waiting in high-traffic areas.

    Please take note of this signage and observe social distancing at all times.

  • Change rooms are now open
    However, we strongly encourage members to shower at home as there is a limit of six people in the main change rooms, four in the family change rooms and two in the accessible change rooms.

  • More frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces
    The Willoughby Leisure Centre team will undertake frequent cleaning and disinfection of the facilities. This includes equipment that may be used in classes. We will also be regularly disinfecting high touch surfaces.

  • Staggering start times
    The start times of our pool sessions, health club session and fitness classes are staggered to minimise the congregation of large groups at the facility entrance at any one time.

  • Bring your own water bottle, towel and mat
    Ensure you bring your own water bottle and towel to each session. If you are attending a group fitness class that requires a mat, you will need to bring your own. Please understand that for your own safety, and the safety of others, you will not be able to use the facility if you do not bring your own towel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are the opening hours?

Willoughby Leisure Centre is currently open:

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30am to 12pm and 2pm to 7pm
  • Saturday to Sunday: 7am to 12pm and 2pm to 7pm

As of Monday 7 September, the centre will be open:

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30am to 8pm (Health Club: 6am to 8pm)
  • Saturday to Sunday: 7am to 12pm and 2pm to 7pm


How do I visit the Centre?

  • All visitors are required to book into a session before attending the Centre.
  • If you have a profile already, please book via the Member Portal.
  • If you do not have a profile, please choose a session using the Bookings & Availability section of our website. You will be asked to create a profile (username & password) during the booking process, and can use these details to book via the Member Portal for future visits.
  • If you are unsure whether you have a profile already, please contact us.
  • Booking limitations apply
  • Members and visit pass holders:
    • May book up to 3 days in advance for eligible sessions
    • Cancel at any time prior to the session start time
  • Casual visitors:
    • May book up to 24 hours in advance for sessions
    • Cancellation not available unless exceptional circumstances apply. In the event of non-attendance, your fee is forfeited. 
  • All sessions are 45 minutes; you will be required to leave at the end of your session, unless you have booked multiple sessions back-to-back. Staff will notify you towards the end of your session time.
  • We are asking all visitors to arrive showered and dressed ready for their booked activity.
  • Showers and change rooms are open with a limit of 6 people at one time (main change rooms) due to physical distancing requirements. We strongly encourage members to shower at home.

How will the pool sessions operate?

Please see FAQ ‘How do I visit the Centre?’

How will the Health Club sessions operate?

Please see FAQ ‘How do I visit the Centre?’.

  • All Health Club visitors are expected to wipe down equipment with the provided single-use antibacterial wipes or antibacterial spray with a single-use paper towel.
  • Our ‘no towel, no train’ policy, will be strictly enforced. All members are required to show a clean towel when entering the facility.
  • Equipment has been reduced to facilitate mandatory physical distancing. Unavailable equipment has been unplugged and clearly marked in accordance with the 1.5 metre physical distancing COVIDSafe requirements.

How will the group fitness classes operate?

Please see FAQ ‘How do I visit the Centre?’.

  • Group fitness classes will be held in the sports hall, cycle studio and outdoors
  • Class times are 45-minutes, with a 15-minute gap between classes.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment and participants will be required to disinfect their equipment post workout. All equipment is to be wiped down with antibacterial wipes or antibacterial spray and single-use paper towel after class.
  • For the safety of our customers, mats have been removed from the group fitness storeroom and the Health Club. Please bring your own mat if you wish to attend a class.
  • Our ‘no towel, no train’ policy, will be strictly enforced. All members are required to show a clean towel when entering the facility.  

How do I book into Aqua classes?

Please see FAQ ‘How do I visit the Centre?’.

  • Each class will run for 45-minutes

Is the spa and sauna open?

The spa and sauna remain closed. 

How do I book online?

You are required to book your session online via the Member Portal in advance. If you already have an account, you can keep using this. If you have a membership or multi-visit pass, and you are unsure of your username (email), please contact us to check.

For instructions on how to book once you have an account, please refer to our instructions for booking guide. Our friendly staff are available to help, should you experience any issues while booking. 

If you are new to Willoughby Leisure Centre, or don’t believe you have a profile (and are not a member or multi-visit pass holder), please book your visit via the Bookings & Availability page. This will allow you to create a new account during the booking process. Please note, casual visitors will only be able to book up to 24 hours in advance.

If I'm not a member, what are the prices?

Health Club Session

  • Casual: $23.50
  • 10-visit pass: $211.50

Group Fitness Class

  • Casual: $23.50
  • 10-visit pass: $211.50

Lap Swimming Session

  • Casual: $8.60
  • 10-visit pass: $77.40

Family Swim Session (Slide Pool)

  • Casual or Member - $18.90
  • Family Membership Holder – Free

Will the concession discount be available?

Concession discount visits can be purchased by visiting Willoughby Leisure Centre during our administration period of 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM on weekdays. Please ensure you bring your valid concession card with you each time you wish to claim a concession discount.

Concession visits cannot be purchased online, as verification is required. 

If you purchase a concession multi-visit pass, you can use this to book online. 

Please note, all Willoughby City Council facilities (including Willoughby Leisure Centre) are now cashless. EFTPOS (credit/savings) facilities are available during our administration period; however, you will need to book and pay prior to attending a session.

I have a multi visit pass. What happens to my multi visit pass?

Your multi visit pass will be available for use for online bookings. Multi visit passes can be topped up via the online Member Portal.

Will the Play Club be open?

The crèche will remain closed until further notice. Please refer to the ‘Available Facilities and Services’ list at the top of this page.

How is physical distancing being managed?

We have been guided by NSW Health, which calls for 4-square-metres of space per person. Observing the 4-square-metres of space per person we have calculated the maximum capacities of the various areas of the facility.

While we are limiting capacity in the facility at any one point to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained, it is important that each person take the personal responsibility to ensure they maintain the recommended 1.5 metres distance from any other person at all times.

What equipment is restricted?

To facilitate physical distancing, we have reduced equipment available for use in the Health Club.

Selected cardio equipment has been unplugged and other equipment removed to facilitate the 1.5 metre physical distancing rule. We have also removed some of the smaller items like, foam rollers, matts and blocks that are often passed from one person to person.

Will classes still run as normal?

The group fitness timetable has been reduced. You can view the full schedule of our classes on the Willoughby Leisure Centre website, noting the following changes:

  • Sports Hall and outdoor classes limited to 20 participants per class
  • Cycle classes limited to 10 participants per class
  • First in best dressed – via the online Member Portal 
  • Subject to immediate change 
  • 15 minutes between classes

Can I show up without booking?

No, you must book in advance via the online Member Portal or phoning the Centre on 9958 5799.

Do I need to show up right at the start time of the booking or can I come anytime within the timeslot?

For session bookings, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your session commencing. You will be unable to enter if you arrive more than 10 minutes past the start of your session booking. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking.

Please note everyone must leave by the end of their session timeslot. 

For example, if the timeslot is 6:00 AM - 6.45 AM you will be permitted in any time before 6:10 AM but must leave by 6.45 AM so we can clean before the next session. Group fitness classes will be scheduled within these booking windows and we ask that you be on time for the start of the class.

What are you doing to manage cleanliness in the facility?

We have always taken pride in our facilities’ cleanliness, but will be taking even greater steps to ensure the cleanliness of the facility during this time.

  • Regular cleaning as per Safe Work Australia recommendations for cleaning of workplaces.
  • More frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces that are frequently handled by multiple people such as doorknobs, handles, handrails, lockers, change rooms, sinks, toilets, benches, the front desk, keyboards, computers, phones, EFTPOS keypads, and gym and group fitness equipment.
  • Close the Health Club for 15 minutes after each 45-minute session, to allow staff to thoroughly disinfecting all equipment.
  • Allocate 15-minute breaks between group fitness classes, so all equipment used in the class can be thoroughly disinfected.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment in group fitness classes.
  • Towels are mandatory for entry into the Centre.
  • Members will be encouraged to bring their own filled water bottles; water fountains will not be available.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser will be available in various locations for customers to use
  • Members will be required to clean each piece of equipment after use with disinfected wipes or disinfected spray and single-use paper towel. Sanitising materials will visible and easily accessible to customers.

Will the centre be crowded?

No, physical distancing is the primary requirement in our transition back to normal which is why we are limiting visitors and session times.

In addition, all visitors are required to pre-book their session so that everyone is aware of the capacity at any given time.

What are the rules for scheduling?

Members and multi-visit pass holders (e.g. 10-visit swim pass) will be able to make bookings up to three (3) days in advance; casual visitors will be able to book up to one (1) day in advance.

What happens if I can’t make my booked time?

If you are unable to attend your booked timeslot, please cancel your booking so that someone else may schedule.

Can I cancel my membership?

Members may cancel their membership if they choose by completing a departure form.


Can I hire the facilities?

The facilities will not be available for hire during this time.

When will the rest of the facilities reopen?

We will continue to monitor advice from the NSW government. However, it is unclear when the remainder of the facilities can reopen and what capacity or physical distancing restrictions may be required.

We will continue to provide updates to our members and customers as more information becomes available.

How do I get in contact?

To get in touch, please email leisure@willoughbyleisure.com.au. You can also call us on (02) 9958 5799 from 5:45 AM – 6:45 PM Monday to Friday.