Received & Determined Development Applications

Published on 28 June 2021

12 to 25 june 2021

Council received the following applications during the period mentioned above. These applications can be viewed online on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Received Development Applications


37 Woonona Road NORTHBRIDGE

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, carport, vehicular crossing and associated works.


312A High Street CHATSWOOD

Change of use and fitout to a gymnasium and associated signage.


8 Colwell Crescent CHATSWOOD

Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling, carport and associated works.


46 Fullers Road CHATSWOOD

Relocate the existing driveway to the other side of the site. Remove two existing street trees. Modification to existing kerb and street verge.


20 Rosebridge Avenue CASTLE COVE

Alterations and additions to existing dual occupancy including second storey.


358 Eastern Valley Way CHATSWOOD

Torrens Title Subdivision creating a Torrens Allotment from SP 85582.


135 Greville Street CHATSWOOD

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a two storey dual occupancy (attached).


10A Jenkins Street CHATSWOOD

Construction of new dwelling, landscaping and associated works.


24 Neridah Street CHATSWOOD

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling to convert rear deck area into Conservatory and associated works.


25 Second Avenue WILLOUGHBY EAST

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.


48 Chandos Street ST LEONARDS

Partial demolition and adaptive reuse of existing building to provide shop top housing with affordable rental housing and associated works.


Northbridge Scouts Hall, 296B Sailors Bay Road NORTHBRIDGE

Alterations and additions to existing Scout Hall.


70 Baroona Road NORTHBRIDGE

Modify existing consent to amend tennis court lights to LED.


342 Victoria Avenue CHATSWOOD

Modification of the existing consent to realign shop front.


17 Stanley Street CHATSWOOD

Modify existing consent, Condition 2(a), regarding relocation of carport and associated works.


51 The Bulwark CASTLECRAG

Modify existing consent regarding removal of Conditions 43, 44, 47 & 48.


136 Ashley Street CHATSWOOD

Modify existing consent by altering windows, render to existing brick finish and associated works.


35 Coolaroo Road LANE COVE NORTH

Modify original proposal including internal layout alterations and additions, skylight to kitchen and walk in robe, relocation of swimming pool and

alfresco area, landscaping and associated works.

Pursuant to s.4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Regulations, Council notifies the granting of the following development consents and/or Complying Development Certificates which can be viewed on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Issued Development Consents


27 & 29 Laurel Street NORTH WILLOUGHBY

Demolition of existing dwellings, retention of Heritage Item and construction of a dual occupancy and associated works.


53 Northcote Street NAREMBURN

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including first floor addition, demolition and construction of new garage and associated works.


17 Rose Street CHATSWOOD

Modify existing consent by redesigning first floor roof, redirection of cladding and associated works.


25 Station Street NAREMBURN

Modify original consent to include deletion of Condition No 4 and amend Condition No 5.


22 Hudson Avenue WILLOUGHBY

Modify existing consent by removing windows, increasing window size, installation of underground tank, revising floor levels, increase in carpark size and add roller door and associated works.


58 Linden Way CASTLECRAG

Awning over existing balcony and associated works.


212 Edinburgh Road CASTLECRAG

Changes to original description to correct error and include the term dual occupancy, updates to condition 1 to correct plan label errors, modify original proposal to include changes to swimming pool size, paving, decking addition and associated works around the swimming pool.


11A Noonbinna Crescent NORTHBRIDGE

Modify existing consent to include amendments to exterior landscape, internal layout and associated works.


453 Willoughby Road WILLOUGHBY

Modify existing consent regarding internal configuration including increasing floor to ceiling height and associated works.


25 Headland Road CASTLE COVE

Proposed demolition works to enable alterations and additions to existing dwelling house, swimming pool and associated works.


18A Deepwater Road CASTLE COVE

Modify existing consent by removing swimming pool.


10 Robert Street WILLOUGHBY EAST

New swimming pool and carport to the rear of the property and associated works.


29 Godfrey Road ARTARMON

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and associated works.


29 Kendall Road CASTLE COVE

Alterations and addition to existing dwelling, convert existing studio to secondary dwelling and associated works.


2 Jenkins Street CHATSWOOD

Modify existing consent by deleting retaining wall along the northern boundary.


268 High Street CHATSWOOD

Addition of landing, stairs, privacy screen and associated works - Amended Plans.


Shop G7, 1 Frederick Street ARTARMON

Shop fit out for furniture store and associated works.


1 Frederick Street ARTARMON

Reconfiguration of tenancies at upper ground level including internal fitout and associated works.


86 Chandos Street NAREMBURN

Internal alterations to basement carpark and office levels to accommodate accessible lift and compactus store room, new accessible front entry and associated works.


6 & 14 Artarmon Road, 15 & 25 Richmond Avenue WILLOUGHBY

Installation of temporary and permanent signage which includes business identification signage to the perimeter hoarding of the site, temporary business identification signage to The Loft building and permanent business signage to The Loft building.


101 Artarmon Road ARTARMON

Alterations and additions to dwelling, rear deck and associated works.


27 Penshurst Street WILLOUGHBY

Installation of shade structure and illumination to sports court.


4 Broadcast Way ARTARMON

Installation of a generator and load bank testing unit to the roof of the existing building.


15 The Rampart CASTLECRAG

Inground swimming pool, deck and associated works.


13 Central Street NAREMBURN

Modify original proposal to include replacing existing brick boundary wall, removal of two (2) trees and associated works.


15/16-18 Malvern Avenue CHATSWOOD

Change of use and fitout of premises.