Extended weekend hours at Northbridge Oval: have your say

Published on 22 June 2022

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Community members and other key stakeholders have been invited to have their say about an eight-week trial of extended weekend oval playing hours at Northbridge Oval.

The trial will run from 2 July until 28 August, with submissions being able to be submitted from 8 August.

The trial is designed to help the Council better understand the potential benefits and impacts of this additional sporting activity. Any feedback received will form part of a report to be considered at the Council’s September meeting.

During the trial period:

  • The Northern Suburbs Football Association will be able to use Northbridge Oval between 8am-9pm on Saturdays, compared to the current hours of 8am-7pm
  • Northbridge Football Club will be able to use the oval between 8am-7pm on Sundays, compared to the current hours of 9am-6pm

All other existing hours of use will remain unchanged during the trial period. This includes the current rest day arrangement on one Sunday in both July and August.

The Council would need to separately seek feedback on proposed amendments to the Council’s Synthetic Sportsgrounds Management Plan (SSMP), and potentially other relevant Council policies, before there are any permanent changes to usage hours of Northbridge Oval.

The SSMP is Council’s overarching plan to manage its four synthetic grounds.

A webinar will be held on 7pm on Thursday, 30 June to explain how the trial will proceed.

Residents and sportsground users are encouraged to visit www.haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/northbridgetrial to provide any feedback during the trial period and register for the webinar.

Caption: Extended weekend oval playing hours have been approved on a trial basis at Northbridge Oval from July 2.


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