Free solar consultancy service saves the community money

Published on 19 November 2021

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Willoughby City Council is providing a free consultancy service to design a solar system for residential strata and commercial buildings. This service will simplify the installation process and make solar possible for more residents and businesses, saving the community money while reducing emissions. Willoughby City Council helped design a 30kW solar system at 14-16 Freeman Rd, Chatswood. Brian Peck, the Strata and Property Liaison for the building said, “Owners are looking forward to saving around $6,000 per year on electricity and at the same time they’re happy about reducing CO2 emissions by 75%. 

"Hopefully more properties in the Council area take advantage of Willoughby City Council’s free service.” 

Willoughby City Council CEO Debra Just said, “This great initiative will help generate clean electricity, reduce our community’s carbon footprint and save money.” 

While installing solar systems sounds like a simple process, each building has unique aspects and electricity usage profiles, which quickly leads to confusion when assessing options and quotes. Council’s engineering consultants simplify the process by undertaking all the background work for you. As part of Our Green City Plan 2028, Council’s vision is to increase solar systems on schools, commercial and residential buildings to assist the community in reducing carbon emissions. Recently Council adopted accelerated targets and joined the Cities Race To Zero, the new targets include achieving net-zero within the community by the 2040s or sooner. 

“We’re taking the lead by reducing emissions, and renewable energy initiatives like this will help the community achieve a 200 per cent increase in solar PV capacity from 2017/18 to 2023,” Willoughby City Council CEO Debra Just continued. If you own or manage a small commercial building or residential strata and are interested in installing a solar system on your roof, please email Willoughby City Council at

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