City of Willoughby's Draft Community Strategic Plan now on exhibition

Published on 03 May 2022


Building community resilience to shocks and stresses and boosting tree canopy coverage are among proposed changes to Willoughby City’s draft Community Strategic Plan. The public exhibition of the draft Community Strategic Plan - Our Future Willoughby 2032 was launched today, representing a major milestone towards setting the direction and vision of the community for the next decade.

The draft plan builds on comprehensive research informed by community engagement, community perception surveys, information sessions and responses to significant strategies and projects. The research identified changes over the next decade and has refined the community priorities within five aspirational outcomes.

The proposed changes include a greater focus on community resilience, greener places and spaces, housing choice and affordability, excellent customer service and community engagement and maintaining financial sustainability. Willoughby residents are encouraged to take part and provide feedback to the proposed draft plan until 30 May via

The website includes an explanatory paper on social, environmental, economic and civic leadership challenges and opportunities for our community. This analysis provides a summary of the key trends and issues that have emerged since 2018. It also outlines how the Community Strategic Plan proposes to respond to the changing landscape.

Also on public exhibition alongside the draft Community Strategic Plan will be the draft Delivery Program 2022 - 2026, the draft Operational Plan 2022/23 and the draft Resourcing Strategy 2032.

The draft Delivery Program 2022-2026 is Council’s four-year program that translates the community’s priorities and aspirations into actions. This document sets out the activities that will be delivered during the Council term aligned to each Community Strategic Plan outcome.

The draft Operational Plan 2022/23 is Council’s one-year plan, which sets out specific programs, projects and activities to be completed in the coming financial year and how these will be funded. The Operational Plan includes the annual budget, fees and charges and the rating structure. One proposed change that will be welcomed by the community is a reduction in rates. A proposed rate increase through an additional special variation will be netted by the cessation of the seven-year infrastructure levy, resulting in an overall rate reduction for Willoughby ratepayers.

The draft Resourcing Strategy 2032 outlines how Council will allocate resources to deliver the aspirations and priorities of the Community Strategic Plan. This includes Council’s Long-Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Plan. To support community involvement, Council is hosting two engagement sessions.

To be involved and share your thoughts about the proposed changes in the draft Our Future Willoughby 2032, Delivery Program 2022 - 2026, Operational Plan 2022/23, and Resourcing Strategy 2032 residents can visit, complete a survey and attend the webinar or drop-in session.

Webinar Wednesday 11 May 2022 6pm - 8pm

Drop-in Session Wednesday 18 May 2022 6pm - 8pm, (The Concourse foyer)

Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor said: “Willoughby is a city of great diversity that will continue to thrive and grow by adapting positively to change. This refreshed plan provides a renewed way forward, informed by the thoughts of residents, workers and visitors who all play an integral role in our future.”

“Our Future Willoughby 2032 reflects the current and emerging trends as well as the community’s priorities and needs. I urge all residents to learn about the changes at a webinar session and be involved in the main priorities and aspirations of our local community.”

Visit for more information and webinar registration.

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