Biketober – ready, set, go!

Published on 15 September 2020

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Get ready for the Biketober Challenge! In October, organisations and riders will compete to see who can encourage most people to ride bikes for transport, health and fun! 

We’re inviting you to sign up and cycle in our local government area to discover how cycling is a healthier, cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly way to commute.

Biketober is a great way to try cycling for the first time or return to it if you’ve been away. Now is the perfect time as traffic is lighter during the pandemic and you’re physically distanced from other commuters.

Our Green City Plan’ has a target to increase cycling in our local government area by 10% by 2028, from a 2017 baseline. It’s an ambitious but important target to improve traffic, parking and our environmental impact.

Sign up to Biketober

Read more about cycling in our area, including maps.



Mary Ann: Why I cycle

At first I was scared by the amount of traffic on Hampden Road (Artarmon), but after seeing my daughters cycle everywhere and being introduced to e-bikes, I decided to give it a go and bought myself an e-bike for Christmas.

I'm very conscious of my carbon footprint and cycling is a great way to reduce my impact on the environment.

Now I ride to the shops, to visit friends, to volunteer work and for fun and exercise both with a group and on my own.

When restrictions were first brought in during COVID-19, cycling was a dream. Mowbray Road was virtually empty and it was a joy to ride anywhere. In general, I avoid busy roads. Lane Cove National Park is my favourite place to ride. I love the shared path system through the Flat Rock Creek area and would welcome more shared paths to connect our local centres and surrounding local government areas.

Wendy: Hooked on cycling

My adventures on two wheels began at the age of 60 on a bike my daughter had left me when she moved overseas. I had learnt to ride a bike as a child but had not ridden since. So at 60, I tentatively started riding again. At first, a 2 km ride to the Chatswood shops and then I decided to try and ride to work.

I had been doing an 8 km round trip to work for five years and it has kept me fit, but I lacked the confidence to venture further. Then, at one Chatswood Spring Fair, I introduced myself to the stallholders of a Bicycle User Group and much information was gleaned. Soon after, I joined a bike club and have not looked back since.

I qualified as a NSW Ride leader two years ago and now have the privilege to lead easy/medium graded rides across Sydney, nothing fast and furious. These days I have a lighter bike and next year perhaps I will move over to an

electric bike, but presently I am fit enough to keep going on a pushbike. You would never get me in a gym, it is cycling that is keeping me fit. I have met so many likeminded people, cycling gave me a new lease of life; I am hooked.

Every holiday since getting on a bike has involved cycling, I have ridden a bike across a good deal of Europe, Indochina, NSW and Tasmania.

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