Facilities updates

Published on 10 June 2020


Willoughby Leisure Centre

We can't wait to reconnect with all our members, but it won't be 'business as usual'. We will be in touch soon with further details including opening dates, safety precautions, booking links, fees and more. 

We're still working on ensuring we provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and members when we re-open.   As such, we won’t be reopening this weekend. 

Memberships will remain on hold until then. Please refer to our Q&A for further details

We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you soon. 

Sports fields – respect the space

Sporting clubs are back on fields and ovals, which means they have ‘right of way’ and exclusive use of the field during their booked time. During the COVID-19 restrictions, we switched on the oval lights until 7pm at some ovals so there was more space to exercise and anyone was free to use the ovals at any time. But now that sporting teams are allowed to train and play again, the ovals are no longer available for general use when sports clubs have booked.

Many sports clubs have contacted us saying visitors are trying to use the oval when it’s already booked and have refused to leave when asked. 

This has been reported at:

  • Gore Hill Oval
  • Beauchamp Oval
  • Northbridge Oval
  • Willoughby Oval #1

Signage has been placed at these fields and anyone refusing to leave when asked will be reported to our rangers.

It’s important that sporting clubs adhere to rules of social distancing and limit the number of people on the field, so please allow them to do this to ensure the safety of their players and volunteers.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience while we re-adjust as restrictions ease.

To find out more and book a space, visit our website

Community Centres

We're working to ensure that when we reopen, we can provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors.  As a result, our community centres, including the Dougherty Centre (Chatswood), MOSAIC Multicultural Centre (Chatswood), Willoughby Park Centre and art galleries in Chatswood and Willoughby remain closed for a little while longer. Meals on Wheels and other essential services for vulnerable people will continue as normal. We will get back to you shortly with further updates as they become available. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.


As COVID-19 restrictions ease, it’s great to see our members return to take advantage of the ‘click and collect’ service where members can reserve an item online and pick it up at the Chatswood Library.  Some of the workshops and story time have moved online, so check the website for details.  Our libraries remain closed for general visits for now.  We will let you know when we have further updates.

Domestic Violence Support

If you're unsafe in your home or are in crisis, we have a list of domestic violence support services in our area. These services are confidential and many will offer support in a variety of languages.  

Read more

Open Facilities

  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor gyms and exercise equipment
  • Northbridge Baths
  • Chatswood skatepark
  • Northbridge BMX track 
  • The Willis and Tyneside tennis courts
  • Chatswood Mall Market (smaller selection of stalls)

Closed Facilities

  • Dougherty Community Centre and Blend cafe
  • Willoughby Leisure Centre
  • All libraries - click and collect service 
  • MOSAIC (multi-cultural centre)
  • All sportsground pavilions
  • Art Space on The Concourse
  • Incinerator Art Space
  • Chatswood Youth Centre
  • Willoughby Park Centre
  • Zenith Theatre
  • Joe Ciantar Music Rehearsal Studio
  • All other community facilities

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