COVID-19 Update - 9 April

Published on 09 April 2020


Child care funding

We are pleased to hear that council-owned child care centres will receive additional funding from the state government, announced this morning. The state committed $82 million to support 260 council childcare centres who are not eligible for the JobKeeper payments or other additional federal government packages for child care. The funding will provide financial relief to families during the pandemic and ensure council-operated childcare centres remain viable. Parents are under a lot of pressure at the moment and it’s crucial for them to continue to have access to childcare, particularly those working on the frontline during this crisis. We'll be in touch with parents with more details soon.  Read more from the Education Minister here.

Enjoy Easter at home

The instructions from state and federal governments have been clear - stay home this Easter. You can only leave your home to shop for food and essentials, get medical care or supplies, attend work and exercise. Unfortunately, attending a religious service is not permitted. Our rangers will be out and about all weekend at parks and open spaces reminding residents to adhere to social distancing rules. This is an unusual and difficult time and we thank you for your cooperation. Most people in our community are doing the right thing and we thank you for your support. Read more details about restrictions and social distancing on the NSW government website.

Our customer service

We let you know late last week that our face-to-face customer service centre was closing, however, our phone, email and website were still available for you to contact us. Thank you for accepting our new way of serving you and for your ongoing support. Reach us on 02 9777 1000, and our website.

Tennis courts & golf clubs

There were some changes to the opening of tennis courts and golf clubs. Some clubs have chosen to close, while others that remain open must adhere to social distancing. Check with your local courts or club to see if they're open.