Addressing Council

Members of the public are invited to address Council on items 6 - Open Forum (matters not on the agenda) and 11 - Public Forum (matters on the agenda) only. Please register to speak by  completing and submitting the following form by 12noon on the day of the meeting. Noting due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the number of attendees to Council meetings is limited.  

To visit our Council venues you are required to practice social distancing and if unable to do so, wear a mask. 

We have COVIDSafe plans in place and will be undertaking regular cleaning of our facilities. We'll be adhering to the 4 metre rule, so there will be some caps in capacities, and in many settings signage and other markings will encourage social distancing. 

All our staff are fully vaccinated. Please be patient with our staff while we open our services and venues in line with public health orders. 

If you are unable to attend, you can watch the meeting  live streamed Council's website 

Request to address or attend a Council meeting

Correspondence may also be submitted via post or delivered to Council's Customer Service Centre.

Methods of addressing Council

  • Open Forum (Matters not on the agenda):
    • Addresses must not relate to an item on the agenda.
    • A person wishing to address Council must identify the topic they wish to speak on.
    • Addresses must be limited to three (3) minutes.
    • Open Forum provides an opportunity to address only. It is not a forum for debate or response from Councillors.
  • Public Form (Matters on the agenda):
    • Addresses must relate to an item on the agenda.
    • Addresses must be limited to three (3) minutes.
    • Addresses should be made to the Chairperson.
    • If you have previously address the Council on the subject, then any further address must be made to present new information ONLY.