Food and nutrition

At Chatswood OOSH we provide the children with a nutritious afternoon tea upon arrival at the centre each day. Our afternoon tea menu is a mixture of healthy, cross-cultural foods to suit the seasons, activities and tastes of the children.

Preparing, serving and eating food

Children are actively involved in helping to set up afternoon tea and enjoy taking turns serving their friends. We also promote cooking as a fun after school activity, creating snacks to enjoy that afternoon or take home to share with family.

Children are able to sit at tables and chairs for afternoon tea and use home like crockery and utensils for all their meals. Children use this opportunity to socialise with their peers and educators. 

Educators model healthy eating practices by serving a variety of nutritious foods, sitting with children and enjoying a relaxing afternoon tea before moving on to the afternoons activities.

Food preferences and requirements

Our educators are sensitive and responsive to each child’s food preferences, dietary requirements, cultural requirements and allergies.

If there are dietary requirements that we need to be aware of please let us know so we can cater for them eg allergies or intolerances, likes and dislikes.

Menu planning and nutrition

Menu planning is prepared in collaboration with children, families and staff.  Our menu reflects the latest dietary guidelines Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013, in conjunction with “Eat Smart Play Smart” by the Heart Foundation, Third edition 2016.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines use the best available scientific evidence to provide information on the types and amounts of foods, food groups and dietary patterns that aim to:

  • Promote health and wellbeing
  • Reduce the risk of diet-related conditions
  • Reduce the risk of chronic disease