Donations & Advertising


Your donation or sponsorship for the Willoughby Symphony helps bring the beauty and vitality of orchestral music to the area and maintains orchestral music’s role as a vital part of the cultural fabric of our community. We aim to

  • Attract the best national and international composers and soloists
  • Foster emerging talent
  • Build a library of music

With your support, in 2019 purchased a contrabassoon, a new set of timpani and commissioned an original work by a young composer.

Donations are tax deductible. The delegation and use of funds is subject to the discretion of the trustees of the Civic Place Trust.

We acknowledgement our donors and sponsors in each concert program:

Symphonie  $5000+
Oratorio  $2000+
Concerto  $1000+
Sonata  $500+
Aria  $250+
Fantasia  $100+
Overture  $50+
Prelude  $50 and under


Thank you to our donors and sponsors for their generosity and commitment to the Willoughby Symphony.

Our Donors


  • Mark Wakely
  • Drs Keith and Eileen Ong.





Thank you also to our many Fantasia , Overture and Prelude donors.