Designed by Queensland based artist Hew Chee Fong & L M Noonan, Ripple is a contemplative installation designed to act as an oasis of calm in the busy pedestrian area.

The work portrays the effect of a water droplet and surrounding ripple displayed over separated polished granite slabs and invites viewers to use their imagination to fill in the missing parts.

The artwork, consisting of nine carved granite slabs, reflects the water sensitive design features of Chatswood Mall, which allows water to flow off the hard paved surfaces and move through a natural filter of plants and soils before it reaches local waterways.

Ripple also makes the statement that all larger actions are composed of many smaller actions. The piece demonstrates that a drop of rain will not only make its mark, but also create ripples and flow on effects; just as every member of the community can play a role in society.

Artist: Hew Chee Fong & L M Noonan

Year: 2011


Chatswood Mall (Chatswood Interchange entrance), Victoria Avenue, Chatswood 2067  View Map

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