Clean-up Collections

COVID-19 and your waste service

Some Council services are currently impacted as a result of COVID-19. To ensure that Council can focus on maintaining important waste collection services, we ask that only urgent household clean-up and mattress collections are made at this time.

For more information about how COVID-19 is impacting Council services visit our announcements.  

Council offers the following collection services for bulky household items that can’t be collected through the weekly service. This service is only offered to domestic residents for household waste. Waste generated by commercial operations is ineligible for collection.

All collected materials are sent to landfill, so please consider selling, donating or giving away good quality items. You can also book a collection through the Bower’s Collection and Rehoming service or find it a new home through their reuse tool.

For ALL Scheduled and Pre-booked clean-up collections:

  • Materials can only be placed on the nature strip outside your property the Sunday night of your collection week
  • No more than 2m³ of materials will be collected. Items that have not been collected must be removed and disposed of promptly.
  • Items must not be longer than 1 metre
  • All groups of items left on kerbsides for collection must be labelled with a 
    pdf format Scheduled Clean-up label, a pdf format Pre-booked Clean-up label or a pdf format Mattress Collection label
    Note: If you are unable to print the labels, please attach a piece of paper to both the street-facing and footpath-facing sides of the group of items. The label should identify the items as “For Clean-up” and include the date of the Sunday specified by Council. For pre-booked clean-ups, please also include your address and booking reference number.

Bulk vegetation collection can be arranged through the pre-booked clean-up service.

Scheduled Clean-up Service

Council provides residents with three free scheduled clean-up collections per financial year. All groups of items left on kerbsides for collection must be labelled with a Scheduled Clean-up label (above). 

These collections are conducted in zones according to a pre-set schedule.
Find the scheduled collection dates for your street in the Clean-up Dates online database.

What can I put out for collection?

Council will collect:

Green Tick - Allowed Household furniture
Green Tick - Allowed Small appliances
Green Tick - Allowed Soft furnishings
Green Tick - Allowed Carpet and linoleum (must be cut into 1 metre lengths and bundled. Maximum 0.5m3)
Green Tick - Allowed Other non-recyclable household items
Green Tick - Allowed Whitegoods and metal items, e.g. Fridge/freezer, washing machine.
Green Tick - Allowed TVs and Computers

Council will NOT collect:

Red Cross - Not Allowed General household garbage *
Red Cross - Not Allowed Small household items *
Red Cross - Not Allowed Vegetation**, dirt, stones and sand
Red Cross - Not Allowed Mattresses/foam***
Red Cross - Not Allowed Car batteries** and car parts
Red Cross - Not Allowed Tyres
Red Cross - Not Allowed Building materials, including bricks, concrete and tiles
Red Cross - Not Allowed Liquids, including paint^, chemicals^^ and oil^
Red Cross - Not Allowed Fibro/asbestos
Red Cross - Not Allowed Gas bottles^
Red Cross - Not Allowed Hazardous materials, including volatile liquids, medical waste and explosives
Red Cross - Not Allowed Mirrors and sheets of glass

*these can be placed in the general waste (red lid) bin
**Some vegetation can be collected through a booked Pre-booked Clean-up collection. Conditions apply.
*** Mattresses can be collected and recycled through the new free collection service.
^ These items can be recycled at the Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre.
^^ Chemicals can be disposed at Household Chemical CleanOut events.

Pre-booked Clean-up Service

Council provides residents with one free pre-booked clean-up collection per financial year in addition to the scheduled collection dates. All groups of items left on kerbsides for collection must be labelled with a Pre-booked Clean-up label (above). Residents can pay for additional pre-booked collections if required to a maximum of 4m3 of materials per collection. For current fees, see Fees and Charges.

As the vegetation all goes to a mulching and composting facility, this service can be used for either bulk vegetation or for general household goods but cannot be used for a mixture of the two.

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Book Online

Please note there are a limited number of pre-booked services available per week, and they must be booked at least a week in advance. At busy periods bookings may not be available for 1-2 weeks.

What can I put out for collection?

If you are utilising the pre-booked service for bulky household goods, check the acceptable items under the scheduled clean-up service.

For bulk vegetation collection, Council will collect:

Green Tick - Allowed Tree prunings and loppings
Green Tick - Allowed Untreated timber
Green Tick - Allowed Christmas trees
Green Tick - Allowed Palings without nails (max 0.5m³)

Council will NOT collect:

Red Cross - Not Allowed Untied/loose vegetation
Red Cross - Not Allowed Vegetation in plastic bags
Red Cross - Not Allowed Branches greater than 75mm diameter
Red Cross - Not Allowed Branches, untreated wood or Christmas trees in sections longer than 1 metre
Red Cross - Not Allowed Painted or chemically treated timber
Red Cross - Not Allowed Tree stumps
Red Cross - Not Allowed Whole wood pallets
Red Cross - Not Allowed Building timber
Red Cross - Not Allowed Whole fences
Red Cross - Not Allowed General garbage
Red Cross - Not Allowed Timber with nails