Planting Trees

You can plant trees on private property without seeking permission from Council. For landscaping and legal reasons Street Trees should only be planted by Council.

Council encourages its residents to keep up Willoughby’s reputation as a green leafy neighbourhood and has provided an Indigenous Plant Species List to help you choose a plant which is native to your area.

Consider the following before planting on your property:

  1. What are the requirements of the plant? Will you be able to maintain it? Will it receive enough sun and water?
  2. What are the current water restrictions? Will the plant require much watering?
  3. How much space will the new plant require? Will it crowd other plants? Large trees should be planted at least 4 metres from buildings.
  4. Could the plant grow high enough to interfere with overhead power lines?
  5. Are there cables or pipes running underground where you want to plant? To find out, check your DA consent plans or contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100.
  6. Remember that a tree's root system will be about twice the height of the tree.
  7. Will the plant affect your neighbour's property, fence, or hinder their view? Be considerate.
  8. If you have children or pets, avoid plants with toxic leaves or fruit. 
  9. Buy a plant which is healthy.