Road Maintenance

Major roads such as the Pacific Highway are state roads which are owned and maintained by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Regional roads such as Mowbray Road are owned by the RMS but are maintained by Willoughby Council. We own and maintain the 210 kilometres of local road in the area.

If you would like to enquire about road maintenance, please report online or contact Willoughby City Council.

Report Online

Road maintenance is funded by Council’s general revenue, the special road levy, and grants from State and Federal Governments. Contractors carry out most roadwork.

Common road defects are:

  • Corrugations and rutting on the surface. This is usually caused by water getting into the sub base, or traffic loads being heavier than the road was designed to carry.
  • Cracks caused by age. Water gets to the sub base through these cracks and causes softening, which eventually leads to potholes.
  • Broken edges. These are found on roads without kerbs or gutters. When vehicles drive over the edges they start to come apart.

A permit is required to carry out work within Council’s road network.