Graffiti on Private Property

To have graffiti on private property removed by Council, the property owner, tenant or occupier must first report the graffiti to the Police Assistance Line (13 1444) to obtain an event number. Once you have the event number, contact Council’s Help & Service Centre on 9777 1000.

Any graffiti removal carried out by Willoughby City Council will be at no cost to the property owner.

Graffiti will only be removed by Council if:

  • It can be seen from a public road, public park or other land the general public is allowed to use.
  • Its removal can be safely undertaken from the public space without requiring entry onto the subject property.
  • Its removal can safely be undertaken by Council’s contractor to a maximum height of 3 metres without the aid of scaffolding or other specialized lifting equipment.
  • Its removal can safely be undertaken with limited traffic control equipment that can be reasonably carried in the vehicle being used by the contractor.

Graffiti on Council property

Council-owned property can included amenity buildings in parks, park play equipment, street signage, street seats, and bus shelters.

Please report graffiti on Council property by phoning 9777 1000. The Police Department is also supportive of the effort to eliminate graffiti and ask that you report incidence of graffiti to the Police Assistance Line (for non-urgent crimes) on 131 444. 

Willoughby Council will aim to have the graffiti removed in under two weeks.  Please note that Coucil are unable to deal with graffiti attacks resulting in etched or scratched glass. These issues should be discussed with Council's contractor seperately.

Council's approved graffiti-removal contractors are Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd (0437 076 210).

Other graffiti

Graffiti on other items such as traffic signal control boxes, Energy Australia substations (the large green structures on footpaths) and Australia Post boxes is the responsibility of the utility body.

The pictures and contact numbers below may help you determine who ownes a particular item so you can ring the correct body and get the graffiti removed quickly. If the structure has an identification number anywhere on it, quoting that to the authority will assist them in locating it.


Australia Post

Phone: 13 13 18



Graffiti Example - Australia Post 1 Graffiti Example - Australia Post 2

Energy Australia – Ausgrid 

Phone: 13 13 65




Graffiti Example - Energy Australia

RMS – Transport for NSW 

Phone: 13 17 00




Graffiti Example - RTA


Phone: 180 22 44




Graffiti Example - Telstra