Parking Offences

Parking Enforcement Officers patrol Willoughby to ensure that all cars are parked safely and legally. Please respect the people around you by parking responsibly.

How long do I have to pay a parking fine?

If you have received a parking penalty notice, you need to finalise the matter with Revenue NSW within twenty-one days to ensure that further action isn’t taken against you.

Paying a parking fine

There will be payment options listed on the payment slip. Please note that part payment will not be accepted, the penalty set cannot be reduced, and the time for payment cannot be extended beyond what is set out in the Fines Act 1996.

To pay online go to Revenue NSW Online Payments. You will need a Bankcard, MasterCard or VISA Card.

To pay over the phone call 1300 130 112. You will need a Bankcard, MasterCard or VISA Card.

To pay by post send a cheque or money order (with your infringement number written clearly on the back) along with your payment slip to Revenue NSW, P.O. Box 4444, Parramatta, NSW 2124.

In person
You can also pay in person at any Post Office by taking along your payment slip.

Enquiring about a parking fine

For enquiries (not for payments) call 1300 138 118 or visit the Revenue NSW for more information.

Contesting a parking fine

If you wish to contest the fine, the person responsible can have the matter heard at court and determined by a Magistrate. To do this you need to complete the court election form. You will then receive a Court Attendance Notice telling you when and where you will need to appear. Please be aware that the Court may impose additional costs upon you. Revenue NSW  has more information on appeals.