Litter - its in your hands


The most common type of litter in Australia is discarded cigarette butts, which can take up to 5 years to break down. Please place your cigarette butts in a bin. Don't throw cigarette butts out of the window of your car - put them in a bin when you get to your destination.

Placing advertising material under people’s windscreen wipers is also a form of littering.

Any litter which you don't place in a bin can end up in Willoughby’s five water catchment areas.

Fines for littering include:

  • $80 for small items such as bottle tops and stubbed out cigarettes.
  • $250 for general littering including lit cigarette butts or any item thrown from a vehicle.
  • $375 for dangerous littering, such as smashing bottles or discarding a lit cigarette during a total fire ban.
  • $750 for dumping items such as bags of rubbish, household appliances or furniture.

Willoughby is committed to providing a clean city for its residents and takes littering very seriously.

Help care for the environment by putting your rubbish in the bin and reporting those who don’t.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has further information.