Regulatory Services

The Compliance Unit makes sure that certain government acts and regulations are being followed out in the community. The people working in the Compliance Unit include Development Enforcement Officers, Environmental Health Officers, Rangers and Parking Enforcement Officers.

The day to day activities enforced by the Compliance Unit include:

 The Acts that the Unit is responsible for regulating include the:

The State Government has given the Compliance Unit the authority to make sure these Acts are observed. The Unit functions in order to keep the general public and the environment safe and healthy, to make sure resources are shared equally and used responsibly, and to encourage harmony between residents. It is made up of professionals from whom you can expect fair and consistent courtesy as they ensure that community standards are met.

For further assistance contact 9777 1000 during business hours. For after hours service phone 9777 1000 and follow the prompts. This will put you through to the ranger on duty.