Northbridge Oval

Northbridge Oval 1This 10,000 metre square field is one of the first publicly available synthetic turf sports grounds of its size in Sydney. A fourth generation 100% recyclable FieldTurf artificial turf playing surface was laid on a specially designed and engineered base. The turf is filled with washed silica sand, and recycled crumb rubber from more than 25,000 car tyres.

The FieldTurf grass and infill system ensures a safe environment whilst also providing a superior surface for developing players’ skills and overall enjoyment in the game.

Northbridge Oval 2A specially designed vertically draining base consisting of approximately 5,000 tonnes of recycled concrete aggregates ensures any rainfall rapidly and efficiently flows through the base and into dams for storage and re-use on adjacent golf course. This feature saves the Council more than 5 million litres annually and collects over 7 million litres whilst also maximising the utilisation of the oval as a wet and muddy field will now be a thing of the past.

A key feature is the cricket pitch. It can be raised and lowered hydraulically to sit flush with the outfield in order to eliminate the perennial trip hazard problem associated with temporary pitch covers.

The Northbridge Oval upgrade, under Council’s Recreation Plan, received funding from Sydney Water’s Irrigation and Landscape Efficiency Project (ILEP) and involved collaboration between the State and Federal Governments, Ku-ring-gai District Soccer Association and Northbridge Football Club. The Northbridge Oval surface also includes an innovative cricket pitch which is sunk and covered with a FIFA 1 Star surface during the football season and then raised hydraulically for the cricket season.

Further information is available in the pdf format Northbridge Oval Turf One Case Study.