Willloughby Park Timeline

The following information is adapted from BioDesign & Associates Pty Ltd park history timeline which is included in the Willoughby Park Masterplan.

1907 - 12 acres of land purchased by the Government for the park.

1926 - Community groups plant a double row of Brush Box (Tristania laurina) and Turpentine (Syncarpia glomulifera) trees along the northern end and halfway down the eastern and western sides on the outer edge of the park.

1928-29 - Stage 1 of the Willoughby Park Centre (WPC) is completed with adjoining children’s play area. Plans are prepared proposing one full size oval and 2 small ovals.

1945 - Stage 2 WPC hall proposed. Architect Eric Nicholls.

1951 - First Annual General Meeting of the Willoughby Bowling Club Ltd is held. Tenders for construction of the greens are called and a building application for the clubhouse is submitted. Architect Eric Nicholls.

1952 - Rex Hazlewood recommends planting of 400 Spotted Gums (Corymbia maculata).

1953 - Bowling Club opens.

1967 - Dressing shed behind the WPC is constructed.

1968 - Stage 3 WPC officially opened as the Clive A Reid Pavilion.

1971 - WPC Mills Room for craft established.

1987 - Planting of 100 trees along western verge (Warrane Road).

1996 - Opening of bike track for children.

2003 - Statue “Daphne” by Gaye Porter unveiled at the front of WPC.

2007 - 17 February official opening of new playground.